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I have been working on SO many project in this house! I’m all over the place, and I’m embracing it. Last time we checked in, I was working on the bathroom renovation in our house, but we hit a snag. So, while I wait for things to be delivered and fixed, I figured why not build a DIY Electric Fireplace & Entertainment Center for the house! It felt insanely good to get back to something I feel like I’m decently good at (woodworking)… and, the project turned out awesome!

How To Build An Electric Fireplace & Entertainment Center

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Also.. if you’re here strictly for the printable plans, you can find them here!

Let’s get started!

When we first moved into this house, we knew that we wanted this wall to be our show stopper, since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. We also knew that we really wanted a fireplace to put our TV over, but gas inserts and fireplace builds are expensive and we are already in pretty deep budget wise with the rest of the house. So, instead we purchased a pretty epic 60″ electric fireplace (we for sure splurged on this one) and were able to build our entire fireplace for less than purchasing just the gas insert alone!

This project took me a few days to complete, and made a HUGE impact in our space. Here’s how I made it happen!

What I Used:

Dremel Ultra Saw Compact Cordless Circular Saw
Miter Saw (Optional)
Brad Nailer
Dremel Home Solutions 3-In-1 Digital Laser Measurer
Stud Finder

2 x 4 x 8′ Boards (I Used 20)
(1) Half Sheet 1/4″ Plywood
2 1/2″ Wood Screws
1 1/4″ Brad Nails
Weathered Wood Boards
Painting Materials
Touch Up Paint
Fireplace Insert

Woodworking Plans:

For printable plans, click here!

The Steps:

1. First step was to measure the space. I used my Dremel Home Solutions 3-In-1 Digital Laser Measurer for this and it was a LIFE saver (because nothing in this house is straight). It comes with three different attachments: a laser measure that can measure up to 65 feet, a measuring wheel for circumferences and uneven surfaces, and a tape attachment for measuring shorter distances accurately.

To get my measurements, I first found the studs in the walls and took measurements between them. I also measured from the floor to ceiling to get my overall height.

2. Next, I cut my 2 x 4 pieces to size and started by building the side frames. I made them slightly shorter than the ceiling so they didn’t scrape when I lifted them in place. Once they were built, I installed them into the studs.

3. Once the sides were installed, it was time for the front. I break this down a lot better in my printable plans. But, I made sure to create a front frame that fit my fireplace unit (I followed manufacturer instructions for this) and also our entertainment gear.

Once this was built, I attached it to the side frames with wood screws.

4. Next up, I created a small nook for the entertainment system and covered the exposed 2 x 4 pieces in plywood.

5. I then added my barnwood boards with brad nails into the studs (making sure to pause after the first few rows to install the fireplace). For any pieces that needed to be trimmed, I used my Dremel Ultra Saw Compact Cordless Circular Saw. It has this awesome little guide on it for making straight cuts and was perfect for this project and this space since my workshop isn’t set up yet!

6. I then added corner trim (which I color matched with three different paints).

7. I also made a small access nook to be able to access the back of the unit (and also, hide snacks in).

… and, after a few days, we had a fireplace!

I am SO STOKED about this build. It makes such a huge impact in the space and I cannot wait to get some furniture in here now!

Now, back to finishing up this bathroom… in the meantime though, if you’d like to save this project for later, make sure to Pin It!

See you all with a new project very soon!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Nathalie

    HI! It’s gorgeous!
    Can you link where you purchase your fireplace? Thanks!

    • Sam

      Hi! Thank you! Just fixed!

  • Jason

    What were the overall dimensions of your project? I’m going to be doing something similar and my finished wall will be 90″ H x 80″ W x 8″ D. Looks fantastic, also really like the floating mantle you recently added.

  • Charlie

    Hello Sam I’m from Canada I really love your project Dam good job…thank you

  • Chris

    Where did you get that color barn wood/weathered boards? did they come that way or did you paint them?

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