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DIY Entryway Closet Makeover

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I spend a ton of time at my parents’ home (in case you missed it, my workshop is in their backyard). So, no surprise that I tend to contribute to their mess… That being said, I have wanted to help them organize their entryway closet for the longest time. It serves as a central hub for their pantry items and is pretty much a pseudo mudroom as well. It really needed some TLC, so here’s how I made this DIY Entryway Closet Makeover happen with the help of my friends at The Home Depot.

DIY Entryway Closet Makeover

This project is sponsored by The Home Depot and is part of their ProSpective program.

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Do you guys have a space like this in your home? Where every household item seems to gather? Because that’s the deal with my parents’ entryway closet, and was kind of a hot mess.

It was super cluttered, dark, and there is no sense of organization.

That’s where I came in. I got rid of what didn’t need to be in there, added dedicated shoe storage, rearranged some shelving, and added storage for cleaning items. Here’s what it looks like now!

entryway closet organization ideas

So. Much. Better.

mudroom renovation

Here’s how I made it happen!

Tools & Materials:

husky organizer

Circular Saw
Tape Measurer
Painting Supplies
Tool Bag Tote/Organizer
Rolling Tool Station
Drill/Driver Accessories

1 x 12 Pine Boards
Coat Hooks
Shelf Brackets
Closet Rod
Shoe Organizers
Wood Stain
Wall Paint
Drywall Compound

The Steps:

1. First step in this process was clean out the closet, making sure to get rid of anything that didn’t need to be in there. I also neatly organized items according to what they are (i.e., cleaning products, jackets, shoes, etc.). This made organizing and de-cluttering so much easier later.

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I’m really short, and my parent’s closet has tall ceilings, so I used my new Gorilla 18 ft. Reach MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder to help me reach all of the nooks in the closet. The ladder was so helpful because it was lightweight and fits in tight spaces. It also adjusts upwards as well, but I didn’t need that feature for this project (It was helpful for yard work though)!

gorilla ladder

2. Once the closet was cleaned out, it was time to demo. To do this, I grabbed my new Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer and used some basic tools to remove all of the shelving as well as pre-existing shelving brackets.

husky organizer

It was way helpful to have the Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer laying around, because it prevented me from having to walk back and forth to my shop for the tools I needed. Also, because it has so many compartments, I was able to fit pretty much every type of tool and accessory that I needed for this portion of the renovation.

3. Next, I patched the holes that were in the wall with compound. I let this dry for a few hours, did a second coat, and then came back the next day and sanded the patches flat.

how to patch drywall

Once the walls were patched, I then painted the entire closet.

how to paint a closet

4. Next, I assembled our new ClosetMaid shoe organizers for the closet. I had to remove the baseboard for them to fit, but once I modified those cut, the units fit perfectly!

closetmaid shoe organizer

5. After the new built-ins were installed, it was time to start cutting the custom shelving from my 1×12 boards. To avoid going back and forth to the shed-shop, I used my Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box to gather up my bigger tools such as my nail gun and circular saw.

husky rolling tool chest

I also used the middle components for smaller items such as wood stain and sanding blocks.

how to cut custom shelves for closet

I was also able to use the tool-box as a mobile workstation which was SO helpful!

6. Once the shelving was cut, I then sanded and stained them.

how to sand wood shelving

7. As the shelving dried, I installed the new closet rod system for the coats. I decided to go with a black finish to help modernize the space a bit.

how to make custom closet shelves

8. I then started to install the shelving brackets once the shelves were dry. I used a level to make sure that everything was even.

9. Next, I installed sleek, black wire coat hooks to hold the cleaning supplies (i.e., mops, dusters, etc.).

mop and brook storage ideas

10. I then cleaned up my mess and re-organized the closet!

creative closet storage ideas

Such a huge difference!

It’s amazing what some new hardware, furniture, and paint does to a space.

diy mudroom organization

I know that these pictures are staged, but we were able to fit every single item that belonged in this space back in its rightful place!

entrway closet mud room

I still can’t get over this before and after!

mudroom renovation

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DIY Closet Makeover

See you next time friends!

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