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DIY Faux Brick Accent Wall

giant fake brick accent wall

If you missed the announcement on my Instagram page… my other half is opening his own bike shop! So, I’ve been hard at work over the past three months transforming the retail space and helping his small business owner dreams come true! I am especially pumped today, cause I can finally share a fun project that we did in the space — a giant DIY Faux Brick Accent Wall! This was a crazy big project, and I had a lot of help. But, the concept was super simple and made a huge impact! Here’s how I did it!

How To Make A Faux Brick Accent Wall

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So, in case you missed my Instagram post… this is what the retail space looked like in August when we got the keys:

commercial retail space

… and this is what that wall looks like now!

giant fake brick accent wall

We added a GIANT 16 foot tall faux brick accent wall to the space.. and we didn’t even break our budget! Here’s how!

What I Used:

how to cut brick wall panels

Jig Saw
Spackling Knife
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Caulking Gun

Faux Brick Panel
Joint Compound
White Latex Paint
Construction Adhesive
White Paint (BEHR “Bit of Sugar”)

The Steps:

1. Last time I tried this project, I just placed the panels next to each other, but I didn’t like the way the seams looked. So, this time I cut every other row out using my jigsaw. This way, there were no half bricks to fill in.

brick wall panel tricks how to cut brick wall panels

2. Next, my other half and I attached the panels to the wall using construction adhesive and screws (we used screws because the studs in the wall were metal and it was easier to screw into them than nail into them).

attaching wall panels

3. Next, we filled in the gaps and added texture with some drywall compound.

adding compound to faux brick wall

4. After that dried, we then painted the entire wall using primer first and then latex paint. I sooo wish we could have kept the wall unfinished with the joint compound. But, joint compound will yellow over time if not sealed (and his products will look way better on a white wall)… so, white it was!

P.S. Shoutout to Wagner for gifting us this AMAZING Control Pro sprayer. It made this job SO easy!

wagner control pro sprayer

Once the wall dried, it was ready for product!

diy brick wall panels

This was a crazy cool project that can easily be done in a home space as well! We are so stoked with how it turned out and it helped transform the entire retail space!

There is still so much work to be done in this space… and, I can’t wait to share it all with you very soon! But, until then friends… happy DIY’ing!

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Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.



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