DIY Floating Desk With Hidden Storage

If you’ve been following along, you know that I recently renovated my parents’ unfinished basement with my dad. And, although I’m super happy with the way it turned out, the little nook in the back corner of the basement has been driving me insane. Living small means I am really good at turning wasted square footage into usable space, and that’s exactly what I did! I created a basement office space by building a DIY Floating Desk with Hidden Storage in that small nook. Even cooler, I partnered with my friends at DAP Products to show you how it was done. Ready to get started?

How To Build A Floating Desk With Hidden Storage

Want to see this build in action? Check it out on my YouTube channel!

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That back corner with the baskets was the nook in question…

diy basement renovation ideas

And this is what it is now!

how to build a floating desk

So. Much. Better.

diy desk with hidden storage

I really wanted this piece to look like a solid piece of wood when closed, but still have usable space, and I totally feel like I accomplished that!

Here’s how I made it happen!

What I Used:

how to build a desk

Circular Saw
Miter Saw (Optional)
Brad Nailer
Sander & Sandpaper
Carpenter’s Square
Stud Finder
Tape Measurer
Cabinet Hinge Jig
Countersink Bit
Wood Staining Materials

(8) 1 x 4 x 6’ Boards
(1) 1 x 8 x 6’ Board
(2) 2 x 6 x 8’ Boards
DAP Carpenter’s Glue
DAP Wood Putty
3” Structural Construction Screws
(3) Full Overlay Hinges
1 ½” Wood Screws
1 ¼” Brad Nails
Walnut Danish Oil

The Steps:

  1. I started by gluing my 1 x 4” boards together to make two panels (4 boards for the top panel and 4 for the bottom panel) to fit my space. If you are talking this project, make sure to double check the measurements of your space before starting. My desk ended up being 14″ deep and 50″ long.

    gluing up wood panels
    To do this, I used DAP Carpenter’s Glue and a ton of parallel clamps. I applied even pressure throughout the entire glue-up and also added a few stiles across the tops and bottoms of the panels to keep them flat.

dap wood glue


2. While the panels dried, it was time to measure and cut the pieces for my frame. I chose 2 x 6 boards for this to leave enough space inside the desk for ample storage. I cut these using a circular saw and a speed square.

easy floating shelf bracket

3. Next, I attached the frame boards to the wall using structural construction screws and drilled these screws into the studs in the wall. This was probably overkill, but I wanted to be safe!

diy heavy duty floating shelf

4. Once the outer frames were attached, it was time to attach the middle supports. I cut these from the 2 x 6” boards with a circular saw and then attached them to the supports using pocket hole joinery and DAP Carpenter’s Glue (if you want to make a floating shelf with hidden storage – you can use 2 x 4” boards instead).

floating shelf supports

5. Once the frame was in place, it was time to continue working on the panels. After removing them from the glue up, I brought them to my miter saw and trimmed them to their final width.

6. I then sanded them from 80 grit to 220 grit and finished them off with Danish oil (I stained both sides of the bottom panel and left the top side of the top panel unfinished – I’ll be staining that once it’s installed).

7. Once the panels dried, I attached the top panel to the frames using brad nails.

installing floating shelves

8. To make the panel look like a built-in, I then filled the nail holes using DAP Plastic Wood X wood filler.

how to fill holes in wood


9. Next, I sanded the panel and the wood filler down and stained it. I also made sure to stain the brackets as well (a big part of me wish I did this before installing them, but lesson learned).

how to sand wood filler
interior wood stain


10. Next, I cut my 1×8 front panel to width and installed the cabinet door hinges on my bottom panel and cabinet door. I did this using a cabinet hinge jig and it made my life so easy.

desk with storage

11. Once the cabinet door was in place, I attached the door and the panel to the bottom of the shelf brackets.

how to install floating shelves


12. At this point, the door wasn’t cut to final size just yet, so I made my marks, cut the door panel to size, sanded and stained, and then installed it back on the desk.

diy desk with storage

After that, it was time to move on in!

I am not only so excited that the boring nook now has a purpose, but also so stoked to have another place to work when I’m done in my workshop!

floating desk

Can we talk about this hidden storage!?

floating desk with storage

I seriously could not be happier with this little office space! As if I wasn’t a workaholic before…

diy floating desk shelf with storage

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Can’t wait to keep brainstorming some new projects in my little nook. Until then, friends… happy DIY’ing!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Brittany

    This looks so awesome! What a fantastic way to utilize your space. Do you use any decorative moulding on it? Also what kind of lumber did you use for this project? Thanks for sharing your process!

    • Sam

      Thank you! I did not and I used pine!

  • C2 Design & Build

    Thanks for sharing Sam 🙂 Really good read!

    • Sam

      Thank you!

  • Karin

    Hi Sam, Thank you for sharing this concept. This DIY floating desk is a good idea to budget your space and this is a modern way, I saw a lot of this design, floating and hanging.

    Tucson Drywall

  • Chris Watson

    So what is the depth of your desk. 14”? 12”? 16”?
    I can’t tell the length from the wall to the front of the depth

    I’m trying to do this but don’t know how far out to go from the wall.

    • Sam

      My 1×4 boards were actually 3 3/4″… so, the desk ended up being 15″ deep. Hope this helps!

      • PK

        Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to build this floating desk. I am planning to build something similar but want to make it about 24” deep and 67” length. It will be attached to walls on three sides. Would you recommend going that deep or is that too far out from the wall and so might not hold the weight? I will be using MDF boards for the top and plan to keep a monitor, laptop and few books in it. Thanks

        • Diane

          How does the door stay closed. Working on a fireplace mantle using the same concept. But, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how it stays closed. Is it the type of hinge you used?

  • Laetitia

    What stain do you use please

  • Shea

    What height did you install the top of your desk from the floor? I am doing this in my office as a sewing nook. Was concerned about the knee space under the desk.

    • Sam

      I want to say I installed it at counter top height (so, around 30″) – the stool we purchased is a counter top stool.

  • Patty Simons

    Hi! Watched your you tube video and loved it. Could you tell me about the hinges you used and how far apart the hinges should be placed for a project about 30 ” long? I want to make floating shelves with hidden storage. Thanks!

  • berna ross

    I like the idea it’s very useful, especially, for small spaces but still looks classy and simple. Keep sharing your brilliant ideas, Sam, it is worth to be known.

    Drywall & Sheetrock Service

  • Natalie

    Hi I love this! I’m going to give it a go myself but just wondered what type of wood you have used for the door? The patterns in it are lovely xx

  • danette

    I think you are great


    That’s lovely. I really like your work. Even I am also specialized in this sort of work. For more information just have a look- https://bit.ly/3ieWoGM

  • Dan Kogan

    Oh, it is great. Great work you did.

  • KC

    Def want to try this! QQ – is there any gap or hole for the electronics/lamp plug ins?

  • Sam

    Love this build. But I’m more in love with your stool. Where did you get it?

  • Thumbtack

    this is really nice to read..informative post is very good to read..thanks a lot!

  • Thumbtack

    Very creative and pretty. This would be so good for me. Great Job!

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