DIY Floating TV Stand

If you’ve been hanging out with me over these past few weeks, then you’ll know that I’ve been sharing the journey of the overhaul of my parents’ bedroom! A few weeks ago I shared a board and batten wall tutorial, then the full makeover, and today I’m sharing the final project in the space – a DIY floating TV stand! This was a super easy build! Here’s how I did it!

How To Build A Floating TV Stand

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Before building this entertainment unit for their space, my parents had their TV hanging on the wall with exposed wires. There wasn’t a real, dedicated spot for their TV… it was just creeping about on the wall. 

Now, it has a dedicated spot with storage and hidden wires!

Here’s how I made it happen!

What I Used:

Miter Saw
Table Saw
Pocket Hole Jig
Jig Saw
Blum Undermount Drawer Slide Jig
Router (Optional)

(3) 1 x 12 x 8′ Oak Boards
¾” Plywood
¼” Plywood
(2) Sets of 9″ Blum Undermount Drawer Slides
1 ¼” Pocket Hole Screws
Wood Glue
Wood Stain
In-Wall Cable Management System
Wire Hiding System

Cut List:

For the full cut list I used for this build, please check out my printable plans!

The Steps:

1. First step was to cut my 1 x 12 boards into my cabinet pieces. I did this using my miter saw and my table saw.

2. Next, I drilled pocket holes in the dividers, sides, and supports.

3. I then began to assemble the entire frame of the tv stand with pocket hole screws and wood.

4. Next, I rounded over the edges with a router and a roundover bit (but, this is optional)!

5. Once the frame was built, I sanded the entire thing to 220 grit and stained it using a custom stain (50% walnut & 50% grey) to match the other furniture in the room.

6. Next, I turned my attention to the drawers. I cut the plywood pieces to size with my table saw. I cut dados into my drawer sides as well as the back and front for the bottom to sit (you can see this in action in the YouTube video).

7. I then assembled three sides of the drawer box using pocket hole screws and wood glue, before sliding the bottom into the grooves and attaching the back.

I used the Blum Undermount Drawer Slides for this build, which required a few extra steps (like cutting a notch in the back of the drawer before assembly), but these steps were included in the directions (& were so easy)!

8. Next, I installed my Blum Undermount Drawer Slides with the Rockler JIG IT Undermount Drawer Slide Jig. It was so easy to install!

9. Next, I created my drawer fronts with 1 x 8 boards and cut a notch in the top for the handles.

I also rounded over the edges with the router, sanded them down, and stained them the same color as the stand.

10. Once they dried, I attached them to the drawer boxes with screws from the backside.

11. I then installed the entertainment unit to the wall from the supports in the back (I screwed them in to the studs through these supports) and hid all of the cable wires with an in-wall cable management system.

That’s it! This build only took me a few days to build, and it made such a huge impact in the space!

My parents are so stoked about their new entertainment center in their bedroom now!

If you’re interested in building the same unit I did, please make sure to check out my printable plans!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.



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