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DIY Geometric Wood Coasters

diy wood coasters

Recently someone on my YouTube channel pointed out that I love making coasters…and it’s no secret. I really, really do. Coasters are hands down the easiest project to make with scrap wood. There is no shortage of them coming out of my workshop because I’m not-so-secretly a giant scrap wood hoarder. That being said, I am so excited to share my next set of custom coasters, Geometric Wood Coasters! Even cooler, I made them with my friends at HANDy Paint Products, and I am so excited to share how easy they were to make!

How To Make Geometric Wood Coasters

tribal wood coasters

One of my favorite things about this project is that these coasters were made from leftover poplar boards I had hanging around my shop from my DIY Modern Sliding Barn Door. Even cooler, I didn’t need any fancy stencils or machines to make these! Just one power tool, some painter’s tape, and a few HANDy Craft Cups!

Ready to see how these were made? Let’s do this.

What You’ll Need:

how to make scrap wood coasters

Miter Saw
X-Acto Knife
(3) HANDy Craft Cup
Painter’s Tape
Paint Brushes
Measuring Tape
Speed Square

Scrap Wood (I Used 1×4 Poplar Boards)
Black Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Gold Acrylic Paint
Medium Walnut Danish Oil

The Steps:

1. First, I cut my poplar boards into square pieces. Since the poplar boards were 3½” wide, I cut them into 3½ x 3½” squares using my miter saw and a stop block.

how to cut coasters on saw

2. Once the coasters were cut, I used 320 grit sandpaper to sand away the rough edges and prep them for stain.

how to build coasters

3. Next, I stained the coasters using two different colors – a medium walnut danish oil and a clear polyurethane.

how to stain coasters

4. After the coasters dried, I covered them in painter’s tape.

how to make scrap wood coasters

5. After taping the coasters, I used a speed square and a pen to help draw out the designs I wanted to paint.

how to cut custom stencils

6. I then used an x-acto knife to begin cutting out the first round of lines I wanted to paint.

how to make custom design with x-carve

how to make custom coasters

7. Once my coasters were ready, I started prepping the paint colors I wanted to use by setting up my HANDY Craft Cups. I poured one of each color in the cups (I used black, white, and gold).

how to paint with handy craft cups

8. Next, I started painting my coasters. It was super important that I used thin layers of paint, so that paint didn’t seep under the tape. This was super easy to do because the HANDy Craft Cups have little lips built into the inside that help scrape excess paint off of the brushes!

handy craft cup

how to make painted coasters

9. Once I was happy with the first round of paint, I parked my paintbrush on my HANDy Craft Cups and peeled away the painter’s tape from the coasters.

handy craft cups

how to create shapes with painter's tape

10. After making sure everything was dry, I started taping up a second set of lines to paint. This is how I created the layered look on some of the coasters!

how to layer paint with tape

11. I then painted my next round of colors on my coasters.

how to make stencils with tape

12. I then continued these few steps until I was happy with my designs!

handy craft cup

13. Last step was to seal the coasters with polyurethane!

how to seal wood coasters

That’s it! Now I have another set of cute coasters to show off this summer at family events!

diy wood coasters

Coasters will forever be my go-to scrap wood project. There are just too many fun ways to spin them and they’re so easy to make!

how to make coasters

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DIY Geometric Wood Coasters

While I can promise that my next project is not a coaster project, I can’t promise that you will never see anymore of them on my website at some point! In fact, if you missed my last few coaster projects, you can check them out here.

Until next time though, Happy DIY’ing!

This project is sponsored by HANDy Paint Products. All product opinions and design choices are my own. For my full disclosure policy, please visit my About Me page!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Vanessa

    I love these! The geometric design gives them a retro 70’s vibe but the colors are modern. I think I might need to make myself some of these.

    • Sam

      Thank you so much! I’d love that!

  • Ozzie Kip

    Great work, Sam! I love it!

    • Sam

      Thank you!

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