DIY Hexagon Coasters

wooden coasters

Now that we’re settled in to our new place, I’m learning a few key things. For instance, it would be really helpful to have a dishwasher in our next place. Or, most importantly, I’ve learned that marble counter tops really suck. Seriously, everything stains them… it’s awful. In helping limit the amount of water stains that magically appear on our marble countertops, I decided it was time to make some coasters. These guys were made from some scrap poplar I had in my shop, and took about 30 minutes to build. 

How To Make DIY Hexagon Coasters

Want to see the video tutorial instead of reading all about it? You can find it on YouTube!

What I like most about this project is that it doesn’t require the use of too many fancy tools. It’s also a fun project for gift giving as well!

how to make wood coasters

Here’s how I did it (and you can too)!

PS. If you want to skip all the fancy reading, you can watch this tutorial on YouTube!

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What You’ll Need:

hexagon coasters

Miter Saw
Computer & Printer
Paint Brush/Staining Supplies
Safety Gear

¼ or ½” Thick Wood (I used poplar)
Varathane Stain in Dark Walnut
Varathane Polyurethane

The Steps:

1. Print out 4×4″ hexagon shapes from your computer and loosely cut them out. I resized my hexagons with the basic photo viewer on my computer.

diy coasters youtube

2. Tape your hexagons to your board. Try to keep them as straight as possible.

how to make coasters

3. Match the miter saw blade up with a line on one of the hexagons. Mine ended up being a 30 degree cut.

4. Cut your large board into smaller pieces. Mine ended up being triangles. Don’t cut out your hexagons yet – that comes next.

hexagon shaped coasters

5. Once you have smaller pieces, begin to cut out your hexagons by keeping the miter saw at the angle you used before (i.e., all of my cuts were 30 degrees). If your wood pieces are too close to the blade, make sure to use a clamp to secure them when they are cut.

how to cut hexagons

6. Once your shapes are cut, remove any excess paper and tape.

how to cut coasters wood

7. Sand down your coasters.

wood hexagon

8. Stain your coasters. I used Varathane Stain in Dark Walnut.

how to stain coasters

9. Once the stain is dry, use Polyurethane to waterproof your coasters. I used 3 coats to be safe.

how to waterproof wood

Now you can protect your temperamental surfaces from those awful beverage stains!

wood hexagon coasters

I love that this project is totally customizable! The dark walnut color looks great on our white marble and still matches all of our furniture. How’s that for a quick and easy project?

What do you  guys think? Do you see yourself making these in the near future? I hope so! If you choose to, and have questions, make sure to reach out and let me know!

In the meantime…

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Srikanth bolloju.

    I’m wood carpenter one more job their myself & hard workar

  • Alan

    Hi, isn’t the stain water repelent? Could I use just it? Thanks

    • Sam

      Hi! Certain stains do have a polyurethane built in, but the one I used did not. You will definitely want to add some sort of waterproof sealer to your coasters to extend their lives. Hope this helps!

  • AP

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Just getting into the hobby and this will be a perfect Christmas gift for my Catan-loving nieces and nephew!

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