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DIY Hexagon Serving Tray Set

wooden serving tray set

If there are two things I really love, it’s hexagon shaped woodworking projects and food. So, with Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, I decided to combine my love for both and create a trendy hexagon serving set for our next holiday gathering! Even cooler, I was able to stain them in their own coordinating and custom stain family with the help of HANDy Paint Products!

How To Make A Hexagon Serving Tray Set

This project is sponsored by HANDy Paint Products.

modern wood serving tray set

I love spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. But, what makes it really special is being able to not only share the holiday spirit, but also be able to incorporate handmade items into the festivities as well. That’s why I was so excited when my friends at HANDy Paint Products asked to be part of the festivities this year with a custom serving tray set!

Here’s how I made this serving set come to life!

What You’ll Need:

handy pro pail

HANDy Pro Pail
Miter Saw
Sander & Sand Paper
Paint Mixer
Painting/Staining Tools
Tape Measure

1×12 Boards
Various Wood Stains
(I Chose Plant-Based, Organic Options)
Wood Glue

The Steps:

1. I wanted to create two bigger platters, which required me to glue some pieces of 1×12 board together into larger boards.

how to laminate wood

2. After letting the boards dry overnight, I began to measure them into the final size of my hexagons. I chose to do four – large, medium, small, and smaller. The dimensions were as follows:

Large: 11″ Sides
Medium: 8 ½” Sides
Small: 6″ Sides
Smaller: 4 ½” Sides

how to make wood hexagons

3. Next, I set my miter saw to 30 degrees and began to cut my sides.

angles for hexagons woodworking

4. In order to make it easier, I made my first cut at 30 degrees and then used my measuring tape to measure the next side to the exact size of the first side and cut again. You can see this in action on my other Hexagon Serving Tray tutorial on YouTube!

how to cut wood hexagons

5. After my shapes were all cut, I sanded them down to 220 grit, wet the grain, and then sanded again.

how to cut hexagons out of wood

6. I used a hand sander to knock down the edges of the trays and round them over for a cleaner look.

how to sand rough edges

7. Next, it was time to stain! I used four different stains for this project in gradually darker shades to help make a gradient of colors. I started with a clear polyurethane as my base (polyurethane is considered safe to put food on as long as it appropriately cures – I just wouldn’t recommend using the surface as a cutting board) and added an ample amount to my HANDy Pro Pail to start.

how to make custom stain

8. Next, I added my first color which was a light brown. I mixed it into the poly and tried the color on a scrap piece of wood before staining my first tray.

mixing custom stain

9. Once I was happy with the first color, I stained my first tray using a brush and then wiped away the excess with a rag (side note, it was really helpful to have a magnetic space on my HANDy Pro Pail to hang my brush when wiping away the excess stain).

how to stain wood

10. Once I was happy with the first color, I added the next color to the batch I just made. This allowed the next tray to still have the same base and be in the same color family, but still be a shade or two darker.

custom stain mixing at home

11. I then repeated these same steps two more times (for a total of four colors). It was really helpful having a larger mixing pail for this, as I did use a lot of stain when experimenting.

diy custom stain

12. Once the trays were stained, I hung up my brush and then finished them all off with a clear top coat. I also made sure to bottle up what was left of my final stain color (because I loved it so much).

handy pro pail

Once the trays were dry and the top coat was cured, it was time to add the best part – food!

hexagon serving tray set

What I love about this project is that the trays can be stacked and displayed in any design or pattern I want!

modern wood serving tray set

They can also stack away for easy storing too!

stacking serving tray set

I think we are officially ready for Thanksgiving now… what do you think?

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Until next time, friends… Happy DIY’ing!

This project is sponsored by HANDy Paint Products! All opinions of product and deign choices are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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