DIY Live Edge Wood Serving Board

how to decorate a charcuterie board

Of all of the things in the whole wide world, there are two things I love the most… cheese and woodworking. Cue one of the only opportunities I’ll have ever have to combine my love for both – a DIY live edge wood serving board! This was my first project in my fully finished shed-shop and I am so excited to show you how easy it was to make! I’m honestly also in a rush to eat more cheese, so let’s get to it!

How To Make A DIY Live Edge Wood Serving Board

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I’ve been so busy focusing on my shed-shop build, that I haven’t had time to create something fun in my new workshop. So, I decided to take an evening and make something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, a live edge wood serving board (also known as a “charcuterie board” — although, that’s a really fancy term and I’m still not sure I’m pronouncing it the right way).

walnut cheese board

When I stumbled upon these black walnut slabs from The Lumber Shack, I immediately knew I needed to make them into serving trays. Mostly because I have a serious addiction to cheese… but, also because the potential in these slabs were so real. This project took me a couple of hours and lasted me days of cheesy, snacking bliss.

Now I’m getting hungry… let’s do this!

What You’ll Need
 food safe finish for cutting board

Jig Saw
Drill Press
Forstner Bit
Hand Rasp
Wood Clamps
Cutting Board Oil

Live Edge Walnut Slab

The Steps

1. If your slab is level and perfectly flat, start by drafting your design on the wood slab of your choice. If you have a slab of wood that isn’t level, you will need to do some prep work before this which may involve planing your board.

black walnut serving board

I wanted my project to feel really organic, so I just freehanded something simple with a pencil. I loved the live edge on this particular slab, so I included it in the design.

how to make a cutting board

2. Once you’ve drafted your design, clamp your workpiece to a secure spot and use a jig saw to cut out the design.

how to cut walnut

3. Once my design was cut out, I used a Kutzall fine hand rasp to round over all of the edges of the board. I loved this method because it made the board look rugged and organic. If you’re looking for something more polished, you may want to use a router with a roundover bit.

rustic serving tray

4. Next, remove the live edge bark with the hand rasp as well.

live edge cheese board

5. Once you’re happy with the shape, take your serving board’s handle to the drill press and use a forstner bit to drill a handle. I used a 1 5/8″ bit.

how to make a charcuterie board

6. Use the hand rasp to roundover the handle.

how to make a cheese board

7. Once you’re happy with the shape, sand your board. I started at 120 grit with a sander and worked my way all the way to hand sanding with 320 grit.

I also made sure to raise the grain with water after sanding to 320 grit and then sand it down once more. This will help keep it smooth even after it’s wiped down with a damp rag in the future.

how to make a charcuterie board

8. Use a food-safe finish to seal your board. I used Walrus Oil!

walnut cutting board

Now just add your snacks and binge-eat some cheese!

how to decorate a charcuterie board

I am so excited to serve up some delcious-ness at my next family function, especially since I made this serving board myself! All I need now is some wine…

walnut serving tray

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Big thanks to Walrus Oil & Kutzall for providing me with some of the tools to make this project come to life!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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    Can one safely leave the bark on live edge and treat it to be food safe?

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