DIY Metal Bar Sign (No Welding Necessary!)

metal no welding

I have always wanted to learn how to weld, but I’ve been having trouble finding time in my insanely free schedule (insert laugh track here) to take lessons. Mind you, this totally sucks because I’ve been wanting to add some metal decor to my new pad. Hence, cue the happy dance when my friends at DAP Products challenged me to a craft store challenge… therefore, causing me to stop at my local Michael’s Crafts… where I stumbled upon some metal letters and bottles of Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive. And, long-story-short, I made something really cool out of metal without welding, and lived happily ever after. Score.

Ever since making my Record Cabinet & Wine Rack, my other half and I have collected an impressive amount of booze (yay for housewarming gifts)! Since forming a mini-restaurant sized bar in our apartment, I’ve been dying for a bar sign to hang up. So, I was on a mission to make my craft store run as craft-beer-friendly as possible. That’s when fate happened and I stumbled upon the letters “B”, “A”, and “R” in the home decor isle. That’s when I also remembered I couldn’t weld… but also remembered that DAP’s Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive is able to connect metal items! #winning

bar decorations

P.S. All together (with my awesome 40% off coupons), I was able to make this entire project for a little less than $30.

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What You’ll Need:

metal bar sign

Straight Edge
Tape Measure

Metal Letters
Metal Backing
DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose

The Steps:

1. Measure your letters and your backing to figure out spacing. For example, if your letters are 8″ tall and your backing is 12″ tall, you will need to leave a 2″ gap on the top and bottom of the letters before gluing.

dap rapid fuse all purpose

2. Mark your guidelines for your spacing on the top, bottom, and sides of your metal board with a straight edge.

metal craft no welding

metal bar sign project

3. Add DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose to the edge of one letter at a time. I actually found these adorable double packs of mini bottles to use, which was great because I was able to control the amount of adhesive a bit better than with the larger bottles.

dap rapid fuse

how to attach metal

4. Match the letters up with the guidelines and clamp each one. The Rapid Fuse cures in 30 minutes, but I left my clamps on overnight.

how to make a metal sign

5. After clamping, there may be some adhesive that squeezes out, so just use a paper towel to remove any excess adhesive.

metal sign diy

6. Let your letters dry — that’s it! No power tools, welding, or super powers required!

home bar decor

While I’m totally going to learn how to weld one day soon, this will do the trick for now! Besides, I really love the rustic, yet industrial look that our new bar sign gives the space. I’m also surprisingly shocked at how well the letters held up despited being attached with a liquid adhesive.

I hope this project inspires you guys to check out your local craft store. I haven’t been there in a while, and this project gave me a breath of fresh air (a.k.a., it will probably be a while until you see another craft store project, so breathe this one in with me).

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Until our next project…

* This post is sponsored by DAP Products Inc. All opinions and design choices are my own.

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