DIY Metal & Wood Coffee Table (No Welding)

how to make a metal table base

Have you wanted to incorporate metal into your woodworking builds but aren’t sure where to start? Always wanted to make a metal table base but don’t have a welder? Reading this in the voice of an infomercial voiceover actor? Well, I have good news for you (I hope you at least read that one in the infomercial voice)! You can totally create a metal table base without a welder, and I partnered with my awesome friends at Bernzomatic to show you how!

DIY Metal & Wood Coffee Table

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I have been pretty much been dying to include metal in my builds for a long time now. But, haven’t had the means or the space to invest in welding equipment. So, when I figured out that I didn’t need the big guns to create a metal table base, I jumped at the opportunity to try!

how to make metal table legs

Now, while this build turned out great (and surprisingly strong), it did take a lot of patience as well as some trial and error. But, as always, if I can do it, than you can definitely do it. So, let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

how to make a metal and wood table

Bernzomatic TS4000 Torch Kit
(2) Bernzomatic Aluminum Brazing Rod Packages
Wire Brush
Flat Metal File
Miter Saw
Countersink Drill Bit
Joinery Method of Choice
(i.e., Pocket Hole Jig, Biscuit Joiner, etc.)
Speed Square
Sander & Sandpaper
Heat Resistant Gloves
Metal Wood Clamps
Tape Measure

(3) ¾ x ¾ x 6 ft. Square Aluminum Tubing
(1) 1 x 8 x 10′ Board
1 ¼” Screws
Wood Glue
Wood Stain
Black Spray Paint
Polyurethane/Top Coat

The Steps:

1. Cut your aluminum tubing to size on your miter saw. Aluminum is soft enough to cut with a generic blade.

how to cut aluminum

I cut my tubing into the following pieces (my table top was 21 ¾ x 32″):

(4) Legs @ 16 ¼”
(4) Short Frames @ 20 ¼”
(2) Long Frames @ 30 ½”

2. File the edges down on all pieces except for the legs — this will create a channel for the brazing material to sit in.

how to file metal

3. Use a wire brush to give the aluminum tubing a good cleaning before brazing anything.

how to clean metal

4. Clamp your short frame pieces to your legs to start. Use a speed square to make sure everything is lined up properly.

how to make table legs

how to braze table legs

5. Once everything is clamped and ready to go, fire up your Bernzomatic TS4000 and begin heating the aluminum. You will only want to focus on one joint at a time. The idea is that you want to get the aluminum hot enough for the brazing rod to melt without having to apply a direct flame to the brazing rod. This will take a bit, so be patient!

braze metal

As the aluminum heats up, attempt to drag the brazing rod along the joint until it melts on its own. At this point, keep the flame close enough to the joint (not on top of the joint or the brazing rod) to be able to continually provide heat to the aluminum tubing.

how to braze aluminum

Make sure to repeat this step for all four sides of every connected joint. Once you are done with the short frame pieces and legs, you will need to repeat steps 4 and 5 to connect the long frame pieces to the legs as well.

6. Once all of your joints have been properly brazed and you have allowed the aluminum pieces to cool (I set mind aside for about 30 minutes to be safe), use a power sander or hand sander to buff the aluminum tubing to prep for paint.

how to prep aluminum for paint

7. Next, apply paint to the base of the table – I used black spray paint in a satin finish!

how to build table base

8. While the base of the table dries, create and prep your table top (i.e., join the boards, sand, stain, and finish). I had a leftover table top panel from a project I had to reshoot during a data loss, and utilized it for this table. You can find the full tutorial for how I made that table top here.

how to make table

how to build table top

9. Once everything has dried, attach your base to your table top by pre-drilling holes with a countersink bit (this will help the tops of the screws stay flush with the tubing).

how to make metal table frame

10. Next, attach the table base to the table top by screwing 1 ¼” screws into the countersunk holes.

how to attach metal legs to table

Now you’re ready to bring your table home and brag about how you made it all by yourself!

metal and wood table no welding

how to make a metal table base

What do you guys think? Ready to try metal working in your shop? Not convinced yet? Either way, make sure to Pin This project for later!


Want to see some more “hot” torch projects? Visit Bernzomatic’s website!

This post is sponsored by Bernzomatic. While compensation has been received for this post, all design ideas, product opinions, and design choices are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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    I just love this DIY metal wood coffee table. This is looking very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial.

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