DIY Mid-Century Modern Media Cabinet

modern media cabinet

As of recently, I have been finding myself completely obsessed with mid-century modern sideboards and media cabinets. It’s almost like a disease. I just stare at them and wish I could afford the upwards of $1,000 price tag that exists on some of these beautiful units. Then opportunity knocked when my friends at Kreg challenged me to create a cool project from only one sheet of plywood. Taa-daa! Mid-century media cabinet for literally 1/10th of the price including hardware and finishes!

I know you’re probably wondering why Kreg challenged me to make a project with one sheet of plywood. Well, they’re currently running a One Sheet Contest where they are challenging builders of all backgrounds to create a project using one sheet of plywood! Best part is, winner gets a really awesome prize package!

simple modern cabinet

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For those of you who have a small shop like me, this can sound scary. But, I promise it’s not! I was actually able to cut every piece for my project without using my table saw or miter saw! I actually propped my plywood outside on some sawhorses and made my first few cuts with my Kreg Rip-Cut.

how to build a cabinet out of plywood

I then made my shorter, detailed cuts with my Kreg Accu-Cut Track Saw System. This tool allowed me to cut perfectly straight lines without worrying about creating a guide or trying to lift the sheets onto my table saw. So. Freaking. Easy.

how to use kreg accu-cut track saw

As for the paint and finishing on this project, I used iron-on edgebanding to hide the seams in my plywood and acrylic paint and painter’s tape to create the pattern (tutorial coming soon)! The cabinet doors were hung with Kreg’s Concealed Hinge Jig and full overlay hinges. As for those sexy legs? I found those at Ikea for $20 (for the whole set).

Okay, enough shop talk… if you’re ready to build your own media cabinet out of one sheet of plywood, you can find the FREE plans for this build on BuildSomething.com!

modern tv stand pinterest

What do you think? Are you going to be joining in on the One Sheet Contest? If so, what are you thinking of making? Let me know in the comments below! Also, be sure to tag me in your projects!

Good luck to all that enter!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Amanda

    It looks SOOOO GOOD! I’m obsessed. 🙂

    • Sam Raimondi

      Thank you for helping me choose the design! <3

  • Fred McIntyre

    Awesome job on the cabinet Sam! ….. really cool that you used Kreg”s stuff to make it, I’ve been itching to get the Rip-cut and Accu-cut, I think you’ve nudged me to the point of pulling the trigger.

    • Sam Raimondi

      Thanks so much! Stuff is a life saver for my small shop! You should totally go for it!

      • Fred McIntyre

        Cool, thanks Sam!

  • This looks so beautiful Sam! I love how it turned out.

  • Diana Lopes

    “as for those sexy legs”, I gave a BIG laugh here with that sentence x) The cabinet looks awesome, love it!!

    • Sam Raimondi

      Ahaha – they are pretty sexy! Thanks for the love!

  • Pine Furniture

    It looks beautiful. I liked this. You did a wonderful job.

  • Jordan

    This is really amazing. I’m dying to know how you did the paint job. It’s acrylic?? You can see the grain so well that I assumed it was stain. Will you still be putting up the tutorial for that? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sam Raimondi

      Hi! It is acrylic! Been meaning to put up a tutorial — will have to get on that soon! 🙂

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