DIY Mobile Lathe Stand

how to build a lathe stand

Sometimes your family just gets you, and for the holidays they surprise you with the most epic gift in the world. This year, it was a lathe! Yes… I realize it’s April. But, I just recently got around to building a stand for this sucker and now I’m obsessed. Like most of my shop updates, I had to take space into consideration… so, I made this guy a mobile stand! Now I can move it around the shop when it’s not in use (score)… but let’s be real, my lathe is always in use now.

Ever since building this stand I’ve been stuck in the wood turning rabbit hole that everyone has been telling me about… I’m also not so sure I want to come out… and now that I have my new lathe set up, I’m definitely going to go into woodturning hibernation for a while. #sorrynotsorry

lathe stand on wheels

I’ve already made a bottle stopper, coffee scooper, and small bowl… there’s no stopping me now!

lathe stand plans

Not only do I get to show this puppy off now, thanks to my friends at DAP Products Inc., I’m giving away the plans for free!

As always , here is a list to some of the items I used for this project that I could NOT have done this without.

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. While they are no extra cost for you to use, DIY Huntress receives commission from purchases made from these links. This helps to keep things free around here!

DAP Weldwood Carpenter’s Glue
Rockler Heavy Duty 4″ Casters With Locks
Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig
Kreg Rip-Cut Jig

mobile lathe stand free plans

Now, a quick note: I built this guy to match my specs (aka: it’s probably too short for you), so here’s a quick tip to help you figure out how tall your stand should be:

Hold up your arm and pretend you’re turning.
Keep your arm where it is and measure from your hand to the floor.
Now measure your lathe from the bottom to the middle of the chuck.
Subtract that number from the overall height number — that’s how high your stand should be!
Also, if you add casters, make sure to subtract the height of the casters from the number you just got.


Ready to get started?


free woodworking plans lathe stand

What do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in seeing some wood turning tutorials now that this puppy is up and running? If so, let me know! Can’t wait to keep sharing my fun new projects!

Hope you will all continue to share your awesome projects with me by tagging them on social media to #diyhuntress or #diyhunted! Love seeing what you’re all working on!

* This build was sponsored by DAP Products Inc. with added supplies provided by Rockler Woodworking. All opinions, decisions to use excessive amounts of wood glue, and design ideas are my own.

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Şeref

    Hii how are my work space desing. Soryy ı can some speak english. I want to drawing clasing furniture

  • Jeanne

    Where do you get your dust face masks?

    • Sam

      Hi! I got this one from Rockler!

      • Jeanne

        Hi! (Should have started with a greeting!)

        Awesome! Found it on Amazon but spend plenty at Rockler.

        Thank you

  • Ty Young

    hey Sam. Thanks for the cool-looking plans; I just PayPal’ed you a $20 donation for them. I have the same lathe from another supplier.

    Something popped into my head that I wanted to run by you. As narrow as this stand is (10″), is front-to-back stability a concern, or is the stand stable enough ?


    • Sam

      What! Thank you so much – you’re so awesome! My stand was okay for my lathe, because it was smaller. But, if you don’t feel comfortable with the 10″ width, you can get pre-laminated panels in 14″ at Home Depot as well! Can’t wait to see your version!

  • carter anderson
  • George

    Good looking stand. Would like to look at the plans

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