DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand (With Storage!)

Now that the floors and walls in my workshop are complete, I can finally start working on getting my tools organized! I have been wanting a dedicated space for my miter saw for the longest time, so I decided to create a mobile miter saw stand with storage for my set up! This was a fun build that can be fully customized to fit any storage needs. Want the details? Let’s do it!

How To Make A Mobile Miter Saw Stand With Storage

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I’ve always loved the idea of having a dedicated miter saw station in my workshop, but with my space being so small I knew that I needed something with ample storage. Additionally, I knew that it had to be mobile because my space is so tight that I need a flexible floor plan at all times. So, to help tackle both of those items on my wish list, I created a custom and modular mobile miter saw station with storage cabinets and cubbies.

There are so many things I love about this station… 

miter saw with wheels and cabinets

1. Extra Workshop Storage

Not only does this miter saw stand have storage cabinets with adjustable shelving, it also has cubbies built into the sides for more flexible storage of items such as scrap wood. It also has two compartments up top to store other items like measuring tapes and squares.

2. Mobile Base

Having a mobile base on my miter station means that I can move it around when I need some extra floor space for projects.

3. Custom Modular Features

Because this miter station was made in different sections, it can easily be customized to fit anyone’s saw! I made mine for my 12″ sliding miter saw, but it can be created for any size saw! I also made it the same height as other work surfaces in my shop, which allows me to maneuver and cut longer pieces of wood when I work!

4. T-Track & Custom Fence

Adding a custom fence with a built-in Rockler T-Track and fence flip stop has been a game changer! Now I can easily set up repeat cuts on my saw safely!

5. Dust Collection

I really wanted to make sure that my dust collection was on point, so I integrated my shop vac into the build and also added an iVac Dust Collector Switch Box so that the vacuum starts up automatically when I power on my saw!

Want to see how I made this DREAM miter saw station come to life? Let’s do it!

miter saw with wheels and cabinets

… and if you’re interested in building your own, here are some printable plans (just make sure to build it to the spec of your own saw)!

What I Used:

Table Saw/Circular Saw
Drill & Driver
Wood Clamps
Pocket Hole Jig
Adjustable Shelf Pin Jig (Optional)
Carpenter’s Square
Tape Measure
Safety Goggles

¾” Plywood
1 ¼” Pocket Hole Screws
½” Wood Screws
(2) Sets of 3″ Castors
(2) 24″ Universal T-Track Kit
3″ Fence Flip Stop
(4) Full Overlay Hinges
iVac Dust Collector Switch Box

Cut List
For the full cut list I used please check out my printable plans! *

* The dimensions I used for my miter saw station were made for my specific saw. Make sure to double check all of you measurements for your saw and your space before starting your specific build!

The Steps:

1. First, I created two cabinet boxes with pocket holes and wood glue.

2. Next, I added a back panel to the cabinet boxes to start my cubbies.

I then added the rest of the pieces to create the cubby.

I also added shelf pin holes for adjustable shelving (I added these before final assembly).

3. I then created a center cabinet box for my dust collection.

4. I attached the cabinet boxes to the center dust collection box with wood screws.

5. I then added supports to the back of my dust vac cabinet.

6. Next, I measured the height I needed for the top boxes (these will be the supports for the saw). I then added the side pieces to the miter saw with pocket hole screws and attached the top piece to the box sides with brad nails. I closed up the back with a leftover ¾” plywood.

7. Once the bulk of the build was done, I added my 3″ castors from Rockler.

8. Next, I added a fence using plywood and pocket hole screws. I also added a Universal T-Track Kit and 3″ stop to help with repeat cuts.

9. I then attached cabinet doors to the cabinet boxes using full overlay hinges.

10. I then attached the smaller fronts to the top boxes with magnets.

11. I also installed an iVac Dust Collector Switch Box so that my shop vac turns on when my saw is powered on!

I am so excited about this build! I’ve always wanted a miter saw station and now I have the ultimate one!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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