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DIY Modern Geometric Accent Wall

wood trim accent wall

When I made over my dad’s home office & mudroom space I created a fun bucket-list geometric accent wall behind the mudroom storage bench. I thought that might scratch my accent wall dreams, but it just fueled my fire to want to create one in my own house someday… then we got a house! Now, finally, all of those years of sneakily checking out modern geometric accent walls on Pinterest have finally paid off, and I can’t wait to share my own version with you!

How To Make A Modern Geometric Accent Wall

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I am seriously so obsessed with the geometric wood accent wall trend… like, it’s unreal. I mean, have you seen Urban Wall Design’s walls? Drool. Every time I see one I want one. So, when we found out that opening up our staircase in our entryway wasn’t an option, I secretly wasn’t too upset, because it meant we could have a blank canvas for a geometric accent wall of our own! 

Here’s what the wall looked like before…

modern entryway makeover cap cod house

…and, here’s what it looks like now!

wood trim accent wall

This was a super fun build that only took me a few days to complete (and, no fancy planning software was necessary to get it done – iPhone to the rescue)! Even cooler, I was able to upgrade the hookups and outlets with products from my friends at Top Greener to make this our future entertainment station! Here’s how I made this wall come to life! 

What I Used:

top greener installation

Miter Saw
Brad Nailer
Carpenter’s Square
Tape Measure
Painting Supplies
Safety Glasses

1 x 2 x 8′ Primed Boards (I used 15)
1 ΒΌ” Brad Nails
White Caulking
Paint (I Used ‘Bit of Sugar’ From BEHR)

The Steps:

1. First thing I actually did in this space was paint the wall. This makes painting everything later SO much easier. Also, HUGE shoutout to my friend DIY Danie for helping me with some projects in my house a few weeks ago! You can catch our full collab video here!

prepping an accent wall

2. Next, I cut the border pieces for my accent wall on my miter saw and attached them to the wall using brad nails. 

how attach boards to plaster

3. At this point, most people would probably have their design sketched up and ready to go, but I wasn’t sold on what I wanted to do just yet. So, instead, I attached a few pieces as a guideline for where to start before taking a photo on my iPhone and using the markup tool to create the guides for my design.

software for planning accent walls how to plan an accent wall on an iphone

4. Once the design was set in stone (or, wood), I began cutting each piece on my miter saw and attaching it to the wall with brad nails. Every cut I made for this project was either a 45-degree or 90-degree cut.

how to make a modern geometric accent wall

5. Once I was done attaching my pieces, I filled my holes and gaps with caulking.

patching plaster walls

6. After everything was dry, I then decided to paint the wall with my sprayer (you don’t need a sprayer to paint, but it does make for a faster job).

spraying a trim accent wall with paint

7. Next, I upgraded all of the outlets and covers using the modern Reve collection wall plates and USB outlets from Top Greener! These were so easy to install, and they look awesome!

top greener usb outlet and reve cover

That’s it! Now, I have the accent wall I have been dreaming up in my OWN HOUSE (insert ugly cry emoji).

geometric wood wall art

This was such a fun project for me and it made a huge impact in the space! I finally feel motivated to continue work in this room! I’ll have the rest of the entryway makeover on my website and channel very soon, so make sure to sign up for my newsletter or subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss it!

wood trim accent wall

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Ah! I can’t wait to make one of these walls! I just hope I do as good of a job.

  • Irene White

    I like this wall! It helps devides the spaces in a good way while allowing the traffic.

  • Irene White

    I like this wall! It helps devide the spaces in a good way while allow the traffic.

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