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DIY Planter With Hose Storage

Learn how to make a modern planter with hose storage in one weekend and with just three power tools!

cedar planter with hose storage

Warmer weather is finally here, which means it’s time for outdoor projects! Since I’m a sucker for weekend projects and multi-purpose builds, I decided to partner with my awesome friends at Bernzomatic to create a modern planter with hose storage for my parents’ backyard!

Even better, I partnered with a handful of other amazing bloggers to share some creative outdoor project ideas! Let’s get started!

How To Make A Planter With Hidden Hose Storage

This post is sponsored by Bernzomatic. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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These modern planters with storage were modeled off of wicker basket planters that my parents already have in their backyard. But, what I love most about my modified version is that the design looks like a solid planter, but the hose is hidden inside.

diy tapered planter

I also decided to go for a wood torched, or shou sugi ban look to help keep the piece weatherized without stain!

planter with hose storage

Want to see how it’s done? Let’s do it!

What You’ll Need to Make the DIY Planter with Hose Storage:

supplies need for DIY planter with hose storage

Bernzomatic TS4000
Miter Saw
1 ½” Forstner Bit
Thick Bristle Brush
Paint Brush

(3) 1 x 6 x 8′ Cedar Board
(2) 2 x 2 x 8′ Pressure Treated Board
2 ½” Decking Screws
(2) Magnetic Cabinet Latch
Outdoor Timber Oil

The Steps:

1. Set your miter saw to 5 degrees and begin cutting your cedar pieces. You will need the following pieces (each measurement is taken from the two longest edges of the cut):

(4) 18″ Long Planks
(4) 17″ Long Planks
(4) 16″ Long Planks
(4) 15″ Long Planks

cutting cedar for DIY planter with hose storage

2. Next, set your miter saw to 0 degrees and cut the following pressure treated pieces:

(4) 13″ Tall Supports
(2) 16 ½” Wide Shelf Supports
(you can cut more if you need the extra support)
(2) 4″ Tall Door Supports

cutting 2x2s for support pieces

3. Create two full faces by adding the four 13″ support pieces to the ends of the boards with decking screws. Make sure the 2 x 2’s are installed at the very edge of the boards (you’ll be attaching other boards to them later).

adding the four 13" support pieces to the ends of the boards with decking screws.

4. Begin adding the side pieces to one full face of the planter by attaching them to the 2 x 2 boards with decking screws.

adding the side pieces to one full face of the planter by attaching them to the 2 x 2 boards with decking screws

5. Flip your piece over so that the side is laying flat on your workspace and then add your next full face to the side with your screws.

adding full face piece to planter

6. Next, add your front pieces (but not all of them)! Just screw the top two pieces to your planter and keep the bottom two pieces open (we’ll assemble these later).

adding front pieces to DIY planter with hose storage

7. Add your shelf pieces to the inside of your planter. This is where your potted plant will sit. The depth of the shelf will depend on how tall your potted plant is.

adding shelves to inside of planter

8. Once your shelf pieces have been added, create your faux panel by attaching 2 x 2’s to the back with screws.

attaching 2x2s to planter to create faux panel

10. Next, sand the piece down.

sanding cedar for planter

11. Now comes the fun part! Use your Bernzomatic TS4000 torch with propane tank to begin torching your piece. Gently apply the heat to the cedar and move the torch side-to-side to create a charred effect.

burning wood with torch to create charred effect

12. After torching the wood, use a brush to wipe away the charring and expose the gorgeous wood grain!

brushing off charred wood to expose the grain on the planter

13. This step is optional, but you can continue steps 11 through 12 until you are happy with the grain!

diy shou sugi ban on planter

14. Once the piece has been torched, use a forstner bit to drill a hole in the back of the planter for the hose to thread through. You will have to torch this section of the planter again to keep the entire piece weatherized.

drilling hole with forstner bit to make a planter with hose storage

15. After torching the piece, give it an extra layer of protection with outdoor timber oil.

sealing modern planter with hose storage using outdoor timber oil

16. Next, add two magnetic cabinet latches to the inside of the front 2 x 2 supports and install the metal plate to the backside of the front panel. This will keep the panel in place when the hose is hidden!

adding magnetic cabinet latch to planter

17. Last step is to store your hose and admire your work!

planter with hose storage

I seriously love how cool this planter looks when not in use. It kind of feels like a magic trick every time I open the panel to grab the hose!

modern planter with hose storage

Also, that torched wood effect is seriously drool-worthy!

Also, want more “hot” project ideas (I know, I’m so punny)? Make sure to check out Bernzomatic’s website!

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how to build a planter with hidden hose storage

This post is sponsored by Bernzomatic. While compensation has been received for this post, all design ideas, product opinions, and design choices are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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  • gail

    awesome job Sam! I love that little trap door for the hose.



  • Mindi

    So beautiful Sam! I love the finish and the hose storage!

  • Katie

    I love the look of this planter, Sam! I could definitely use something like this at my house.

  • Rachel

    These really are magic! And drool-worthy! Nice work, girl. I may just have to make a few!

    • Sam

      Thank you so much! I would love that!

  • Tressy

    Do you sell these?

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