DIY Outdoor Dining Table (IN ONE DAY)

DIY Outdoor Dining Table In ONE DAY

If you follow me on social media, you may know that I recently traveled north to Canada to visit my amazingly creative friend, DIY Danie! Danie has the most ADORABLE house and has been working on making over her backyard. So, I got on a plane to help her build a new DIY outdoor dining table in ONE DAY! We also created an outdoor coffee table in a day as well (so, be sure to check that out on her channel here)! Build are so much faster when you have a buddy!

How To Build A DIY Outdoor Dining Table In ONE DAY!

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Also, don’t forgot to check out the SECOND one day build that Danie and I tackled on her channel as well!

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Anyway.. in a quick SparkNotes-type project run down… Danie needed a dining table for her deck and we only had one day to build it… so WE DID IT. Here’s how!

how to build an outdoor cedar table in one day

What You’ll Need:


DIY Danie & DIY Huntress

Circular Saw
Miter Saw (Optional)
Drill & Driver
Pocket Hole Jig
Hand Saw (Optional)
Sander & Sandpaper
Staining Supplies
Wood Clamps
Tape Measure
Safety Goggles

2 x 6 x 8′ Cedar Boards
2 x 4 x 8′ Cedar Boards
4 x 4 x 8′ Cedar Boards
DAP Plastic Wood-X
DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive
DAP Tank Bond Clear Epoxy
DAP Tank Bond Thread Stopper
2 1/2″ Wood Screws
2 1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws
3/8″ Dowel (Optional)
Outdoor Stain
Plastic Furniture Leg Bumpers

Cut List

You can find the full printable plans with dimensions for this build here: https://diyhuntress.gumroad.com/l/outdoortable 

The Steps:

1. First, Danie and I assembled the table top using pocket hole joinery.

building the table top

2. Next, we build the table base by attaching the frame pieces to the legs and the supports to the frame.

building a table base

3. We then attached the table top to the legs with corner brackets from the underside.

attaching a table top to table base

4. Next, we added leg supports and a center stretcher.

adding supports to table legs

5. Once the table was assembled, we filled any exposed screw openings with a 3/8″ dowel and DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive. This product was PERFECT for a Buddy Build because it cured in 30 minutes, which meant we could get to sanding and finishing super quickly! We also  touched up a few spots with DAP Plastic Wood-X, which I love because it’s an exterior-grade wood putty that goes on pink and then dries tan, so you know exactly when it’s ready to sand!

dap wood adhesive

dap wood adhesive
plugging screw holes with wood dowels

6. Before flipping the table over, Danie and I added rubber bumpers to the bottom of the legs to help elevate the table and prevent it from soaking up water on the deck surface over time. Because cedar is so soft, we added DAP Tank Bond Thread Stopper to help stop the bolts on the bumpers from slipping or coming loose over time.

dap tank bond thread stopper dap tank bond thread stopper on table bumpers

7. Next up it was time to sand and prep the table for finish. We decided to fill all of the knots and grooves in our table top with DAP Tank Bond Clear Epoxy.

dap tank bond epoxy

filling knots in cedar

Quick Pro Tip: When working with any type of filler material, be sure to always test the stain/application before applying to the project for best result!

8. Last step was to add our finish – and, we were done!

staining and sealing an outdoor dining table

How amazing is this table that we built in ONE DAY!?

how to build an outdoor cedar table in one day

It is seriously SO amazing what you can accomplish when you have a buddy to build with!

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Also, don’t forget to check out the SECOND furniture build we made in ONE DAY on Danie’s channel!

Until next time, friends! Happy DIY’ing!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Joey

    Thanks to some inclement weather (and, you know…the passage of time), our back patio table is in DIRE shape. This seems like a wonderful project to undertake, especially as the weather gets cooler. A nice breeze while making a nice table? Win win!

  • Smith's Hang-Up's

    This is beautiful. Thank you for putting this together. I can’t wait to see your next post.
    Plantation Shutters

  • Maureen

    can you give a ball park budget for this project?

  • KJ

    Love it! Where did you get the chairs? Thanks.

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