DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer

I’ve been short on time since my full time job started up. But, having just completed some mega projects in my home there is one thing I am not short on… and that is scrap wood. I have been wanting to make a giant pegboard wall organizer for my work from home space for the longest time and have been drooling over them on Pinterest for ages. So, I finally decided to make it happen with the use of scrap wood! Did I mention it only took one day to make? Weekend warriors, get those tools ready!

How To Make A Pegboard Wall Organizer

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Can you believe it only took me one day to make this… also, did I mention it was free-ninety-nine? Scrap wood for the win! Honestly, obsessed…

Ready to get organized in a day? Let’s do this!

What You’ll Need:

Circular Saw & Guide
¾” Forstner Bit
Dremel Lite
Foam Brush

¾” Plywood
¾” Dowels
Picture Hanging Hooks
Chalkboard Paint
Painter’s Tape
Foam Board Insulation (optional)

The Steps:

1. First thing I did was cut my plywood to the size I wanted for my wall organizer using a circular saw and a track. I ended up settling on 24 x 30″.

2. Next, I created a grid to figure out the spacing for my pegboard. I ended up marking grid lines at 3″ intervals. I started my first row of holes at 3″ from the edge and then drilled holes on every other line (so, each peg could be spaced at 6″ apart).

3. Once my spacing was figured out, I used a ¾” forstner bit to punch small holes in my grid to indicate where I was going to drill. I used a ¾” bit because I had scrap ¾” dowels on hand (scrap hoarding for the win)!

4. Next, I used my drill and my bit to create ¾” openings for my pegs.  In order to make this easier, I placed a sheet of foam board insulation below my work piece so I could drill through the work piece without damaging my floor.

5. After drilling the holes, it was time to sand. I recently got my hands on a Dremel Lite kit as part of The Home Depot’s ProSpective program and it was perfect for this project.It’s a Lithium Ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit and comes with 10 Accessories. One of which is this awesome sanding drum that fit inside the pegboard openings!

6. Next, I wanted to add a chalkboard feature. So, I taped off a small section of the pegboard and painted it using chalkboard paint.

7. While that dried, I cut my scrap ¾” dowel into 3 ½” pieces using my miter saw. The length of the dowel will depend on the depth of the shelves (which, I’ll be making next).

8. I then moved onto cutting the shelves, which I made using leftover plywood from the board I cut in step 1. I made two shelves here – one was 7″ wide and the other was 20″ wide.

9.I then added edgebanding to the shelves to make them look like solid wood.

10. Last step was to add picture hanging  hooks to the back! I added mine both vertically and horizontally so I can change up the orientation of my pegboard wall organizer when I get bored!

Now my home office space has some cute organization to go with it!

I’m seriously loving the small details on this project like the chalkboard and the shelves.


It seriously is so amazing what you can make in one day with some leftover wood. I am so excited about this project and hope it inspires you to find some time to build for your home!

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In the meantime, friends. Happy DIY’ing!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Hilary

    HI there! Loving your projects. Currently having a go at this peg board, but struggling to get the holes to finish clean on the back of the board (when the Forster bit goes through, even gently and through masking tape, it tears some of the plywood off so the back looks messy. It wouldn’t matter if it were just for us, but trying to make it for someone else. Do you have any advice please? Thank you!

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