DIY Rustic Wood & Metal Centerpiece

rustic wedding centerpiece

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Back in the day the name “DIY Huntress” was coined as a nickname for my bargain-hunting upcycling ways. And, while I love creating things from scratch on most days, I can’t help but get really excited when a fun project crosses my path at a local antique shop that can use some TLC. Lucky for me, today was one of those days! I am so excited to go back to my roots and share a fun, rustic wood and metal centerpiece. Even better, I partnered up with my friends at 3-IN-ONE® to show you how easy it can be to recreate with the right materials!

In addition to the fact that I love upcycling in general, it’s officially the summer season, which means you’re most likely attending an event that may need a centerpiece. Ready to be the coolest guest ever?  Make one of these (you’ll be grandma’s favorite grandkid in no time).

Here’s how you can turn something like this:

Into this:

antique flower pot

What You’ll Need:

how to make a wedding centerpiece

Miter Saw
Paper Towels/Shop Rags
Measuring Tape

3-IN-ONE® Fast Acting Penetrant
Liquid Adhesive
¼” Thick Poplar Hobby Board (I Used Two 1 x 4 x 48″ Boards)
Metal Tote Caddy (Link Is To Similar Caddy)

The Steps:

1. Because the piece I was upcycling was so rusty, I needed to enlist some major help. To start, I used 3-IN-ONE® Fast-Acting Penetrant to loosen the bolts on the caddy, since they needed tightening, but were too rusty to move.

stuck bolt fix

how to loosen stuck bolt

I’m also using 3-IN-ONE® Fast-Acting Penetrant to remove rust. I added some to a rag and wiped down the entire surface of tote several times. For hard-to-remove spots, I let the penetrant soak for a couple of minutes before wiping away.

how to remove rust from metal 3-in-one

how to remove rust from metal

2. After removing as much rust as possible, I used sandpaper to remove whatever else was stuck on the unit. This also helped to prep the surface for liquid adhesive that will help attach the wood hobby board to the caddy in later steps.

how to clean rust off of metal

  1. After sanding down the unit, I used paper towels and one more round of 3-IN-ONE® Fast-Acting Penetrant to remove any last remaining debris from the caddy and prevent future rust.

how to clean rust off of metal

4. Once the piece was properly prepped, I measured how wide I needed to cut my poplar hobby boards.

how to clean rusty metal

5. I then cut the poplar hobby boards down to size.

how to apply wood veneer to metal

6. Next, I used liquid adhesive to attach the hobby boards to the caddy. I made sure to clamp them down and allow them to dry for a couple of hours before removing the clamps.

how to make a metal and wood flower holder

how to make a centerpiece

7. After allowing time for the adhesive to cure, I removed the clamps and sanded down the wood hobby boards.

how to make a rustic flower pot

Once the sanding was complete, it was time to stage!

how to make a centerpiece for a party

Sometimes antique finds just need a little bit of tender love and affection to help them stand out.

barnwood centerpiece

You can find 3-IN-ONE Fast-Acting Penetrant at most big box stores and hardware stores, including Walmart. To find it at a store near you or online click here.

Do you have a favorite antique project that you have upcycled proudly? If so, please share a link in the comments below or tag it to #diyhuntress or #diyhunted on Instagram or Facebook!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Adam smith

    ohh! this is very nice work with wood and different saw certainly can make these work beautiful to see. also you show setp by step and I think anyone can follow these. Thanks

    • Sam

      Glad you liked it!

  • Sourabh

    Thanks for providing such a piece of valuable information. You have explained everything in detail with actual photos. Due to photos, it becomes easy to understand. Thanks again for your valuable effort in explaining every detail.

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