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DIY Small Entryway Makeover

small entryway decor ideas

Of all of the spaces that make an impact in a house, an entryway is arguably one of the biggest. Unfortunately, our entryway was… well non-existent. And, since I couldn’t open up any walls (who needs stairs to get to the second floor anyway?), I had to get really creative with the space. So, I partnered up with my friends at DAP Products to give our cozy house a small entryway makeover. Here’s how it went!

DIY Small Entryway Makeover

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Here’s what our cozy (that’s the cute word I use for claustrophobic) entryway used to look like:

cape cod accent wall before

Then, DIY Danie came to visit all the way from Canada and helped me pick a paint color for the space before I turned the stairwell wall into a geometric accent wall (full tutorial for this is on my website and YouTube channel)!

wood trim accent wall

… and after a little bit more elbow grease and a lot of help from my friends at DAP Products. Here’s what it looks like now!

After working on the accent wall, I focused my attention on removing the door from the base of the stairwell and patching up that wall using DAP Premium Lightweight Low Dust Joint Compound. I absolutely love this stuff – when you apply it, it’s pink and when it’s dry, it’s white! This is so helpful for larger fills, because once it dries white, it’s time to sand!

DAP Dry Dex Spackle

Quick Tip: DAP’s recommendation for best results while using DAP Premium Lightweight Low Dust Joint Compound with DryDex Indicator is to wet-sand uneven areas with a damp sponge after the joint compound has dried!

how to square an archway

My goal for this entire house is to mesh our modern style but still restore and show off some of the original features of the house, and one way I wanted to do that was to restore the original flooring as well as modernize the original doorbell nook in the house.

patching an archway with joint compount

The flooring we can cover at a different time, but the nook was such an easy fix! You can see it a lot easier in my YouTube video, but I built a simple frame for the nook, cut a piece of drywall to fit the unique shape, and taped and patched with DAP Premium Lightweight Low Dust Joint Compound.

After this, it was time to paint the walls & install trim! I love finishing my trip with DAP Products and tried their DAP Alex Ultra White Advanced Anti-Shrink Sealant and LOVED it! It was ready to paint in 15 minutes!

how to install trim around door

DAP Alex Ultra Caulking

We then added some custom features like a new front door and floating shelves using DAP DynaGrip (you can find a DIY floating shelf tutorial for those here).

DAP Dyna Grip how to make live edge floating shelves

And, now for the full reveal… here’s what it looked like before:

And, here’s what it looks like now!

small entryway decor ideas

So. Much. Brighter!

I love the marriage of the newer upgraded things like the door and the paint with the original features like the floors, the nook, and the stairs. I can’t wait to get our stuff in here now!

There are still SO many projects I want to tackle in this space like storage options, upgrading our doorbell system, and tackling the stairwell… but, those are things I can do when we officially start moving in next month – I’m so excited!

I have been the happiest I have ever been while remodeling this house and I cannot wait to continue to work on it and share it all with you! So grateful for all of you as you follow me on this journey!

Will be back soon with some more projects,  but please feel free to Pin This one if you’d like to revisit it for some project ideas later.

In the meantime, friends… see you soon with another project! Happy DIY’ing!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Daniel

    Wow! The change to the wall changed the whole house. I added it to bookmark for later.

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