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DIY Wooden Cufflinks

wooden cufflinks

Warm weather means lot and lots of parties! Around this time last year I made some awesome Wooden Bow Ties, and this year RYOBI Power Tools  has partnered with me to add some extra accessories to the mix! Best part, they’re letting us celebrate in style even harder by giving away $300 in power tools to one lucky winner! Here are the juicy details…

How To Make Wooden Cufflinks

(If you’d like to check out the video of this project, you can click here for the YouTube tutorial!)

If you’re looking to be the talk of the town at you’re next party, then I’ve got your back. This project was so simple that I could have made fifty pairs in an afternoon if I really wanted to (and then accessorized everyone else at your party as well).

You can sport these guys at weddings, backyard BBQ’s, graduations, prom, or just to celebrate life!

how to make wood cufflinks

For this project, I needed some unique stuff. So, here’s a list (with affiliate links) of some of the academy award winning products that made this project possible:

Cuff Link Blanks
DAP Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive
RYOBI 16″ Scroll Saw

Ready for the full plans? You can find them for free on RYOBI Nation by clicking this link!

wedding gift wood cufflinks

Love this project, but don’t have the tools to make them on your own? Then make sure to enter the RYOBI Power Tools giveaway to win $300 in power tools of your choosing!

See the entry rules below:

Receive up to 7 entries by following the directions in the giveaway widget below! This contest will start on 4/3/2017 and will end at 11:59pm on 4/30/2017. This giveaway is open to US residents only. One person will be randomly chosen to win $300 worth of RYOBI Power Tools (excluding outdoor equipment) of their choosing on 5/1/2017!  Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* This project and giveaway are sponsored by RYOBI Power Tools. All opinions, project ideas, and fashion expertise are of my own.

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Karol Gajda

    Nice project, Sam. Just ordered the cufflink blanks from your link here. (You should include that in the YouTube description as well.)

  • Lisa Spiegel

    Following you on Instagram. Enjoy seeing women build stuff. Getting up the courage to try.

  • Ron Waller

    Like this simple project and really would go with the bow tie. Keep the videos coming.

  • Jeremy Crawford

    Sam, this was amazing. I enjoy your enthusiasm and miss having it on the podcast.

  • Robert Evans

    Thanks Sam for the great videos and a awesome chance to get some cool tools…

  • David Seidl

    Thanks for doing this! (and for sharing it with the community).

    I’m a big Ryobi user, so to follow the prompt, what would I do with $300 of tools? I’d fill in the blanks in my collection. My wishlist keeps growing as they add new tools.

  • livivua chandler

    I would use the tools to remove carpet and put down some hardwood flooring or laminate

  • Kenneth

    That is awesome! I’d probably look into a plunge router or a new table saw.

  • Shamara Latham

    I would love to win the tools so that I could take my projects so much further!!

  • Chelsea

    I think I need a table saw, so it would go toward that!

  • Kara


  • Ally Laden

    300$ in tools would go toward a planer table or jointer!!!! Or plenty of other items to building my woodworking business!!!

  • Ashley

    I’d love to make more pieces for our home. And work on some renovations at a little cabin we bought that was stuck in the 70s.

  • Elvia

    Love the cufflink! I always try to get my hubby unique links for his church shirts. Would love to buy a pair and who knows eventually be able to make a pair!! Such a cool idea!! 👌🏻😎👍🏻

  • Brandon

    Great project and awesome giveaway! If I won I’d probably get one of those battery powered nailers. It would make on-site projects so much easier!

  • T J

    Just started woodworking and I appreciate your positivity and encouragement for us Diy’ers! I have purchased all Ryobi tools, bits, etc due to your commitment to them and their reciprocity! Thanks for all you do Sam!


    I love the cufflinks! I would buy a router or belt sander if I won.

  • Danny Scott

    What would I do?
    My wife and I run a online gift shop, we have been expanding into wood products, these tools would be a much needed adder 🙂 Love the page, keep it up

  • kandi brown

    I love these!! I could totally use a table saw

  • Chantelle Webber

    I love this idea. I’m just starting and have two power tools but I’m adding more as I can do this would bee amazing to win so can buy some essentials and I love Ryobi… I barrow my dad’s tools and he uses Ryobi the power told are easy to use and fit my hands better then most

  • shawn

    Great post, I may have to update my wardrobe pretty soon. 😉

  • Victor R Ortiz

    Hello Sam,
    I am catching up to Woodshop 101 and just heard you “last episode” I’m assuming you made guest appearances and also your name is still part of the intro. But it’s great watching you. I’m wanting to show your videos to my daughter and both my boys. I like the perspective from both men and women wood workers. Also I’m leaving a comment for the give away. So I’m just starting out woodworking. I have a drill, pocket hole jig, and a circular saw. With the give away I would look into getting a miter saw, especially since Drew recommended one last year and Jeremy bought it. Or maybe a a table saw. The one I have is pretty bad. Always burns the wood I think it needs a new fence. Or a bandsaw, or heck a scroll saw to make those snazzy cufflinks. Anyway thanks for all you do. And if my time line is right you should be finishing up your doctoral program. If so good luck. And stay classy Dr. Huntress.

  • Stephanie Riley

    Love your work! Would live to get some of these tools and use your plans! 😍😍😍

  • Dave Strain

    Congrats on starting the YouTube channel last year!… Now get more videos going!

  • Beth K

    Another great giveaway! Thanks Sam and RYOBI!

  • Laura C

    I love the cufflinks. My husband and I purchased a foreclosed home and are busy renovating it. We’d love to add some Ryobi ONE+ tools to what we have currently.

  • Marty Milburn

    Man I could really use that $300 Ryobi tool give away to pick up their band saw and scroll saw.

  • Geoff

    You have some really cool ideas on your blog and really appreciate your work. Keep it up!

  • Brandon Beeson

    I could use that $300 for a table saw!

  • Craig Sasser

    Use the tools to help start my man cave

  • Rick Hart Woodworking

    Always enjoy your work!

  • Barb

    Hey Sam, keep up the great work. I love watching and reading about your projects. You are inspiring with your talent and great attitude. I love my Ryobi tools too — and hope to continue building my collection so I can have a great (albeit small) shop like yours!

  • Julie

    These wood cufflinks are supercool, Sam! And the Ryobi giveaway is too! I would love to kick butt in the woodshop just like you, girl! And thats what i would attempt with $300 in new Ryobi tools!! I <3 ryobi's cordless tools, and am wishing and wanting one of those multitools in the photo so SO bad! I would also share some of the tools with my son who just got his own home and needs a proper set of power tools!! Thanks for the chance to win, AND for always sharing such awesome projects, woman – YOU ROCK!!

  • Kara

    Thanks for the giveaway and for your inspiration. With $300 in Ryobi tools, I would replace my orbital and finish sander.

  • Julie

    Ooooooh, i just read the part where you can choose what you want to buy, if u win the drawing… i thought the prize was the tool pkg in the photo and i already own several of those items. Hmmm, think i may need to change my 1st answer, maybe i wouldn’t share with my kid? LOL bahahaha! ALL the Ryobi powertools for me and only me!!!!! I still want that Ryobi multitool, tho. And the table saw. And the scroll saw. AND the ryobi glue gun…….

  • Justin Wimberly

    I’m always working on something and looking for tools to make it easier and more efficient!! Newest tool was the 15 gauge nailer and looking to add to the family!

  • Ranae

    You are truly and inspiration!!! Everyone has all of the things going on in life. Sometimes all of the things keep them down, but not you!! Not to discount all of your time, effort, and dedication but when I found out you were studying for your doctorate, I was seriously blown away !!(I think that was because I don’t know you, not because of doubt or anything negative. More of a pride from within kind of thing…. if that makes any sense!) Anyway, keep doing you, you’re changing lives!!

  • Ranae

    Ohhhh, and I totally missed the part where I was supposed to include what I would do with $300 worth of RYOBI power tools. (PROBABLY BECAUSE I MISSED THAT THERE WAS A GIVEAWAY!! How the heck did I miss that!?) CRAP! I am barely making the deadline!!
    I am dying to have a RYOBI corner cat sander, a scroll saw, and also a drill press… and a cordless jigsaw, and new drill bits.. and all of the RYOBI line up (LOL, but seriously). The most important were listed first, but wouldn’t that be something to have them all? Oh they would be so loved in my shop!

  • Jason Cribbs

    My son and I are starting some major projects this Summer and I have had my eye on the Airstrike Nailers.

  • Justin C

    Awesome work with growing your channel! Keep up the good work!

    I have just gotten into woodworking and I would use the ryobi gift to get a scrollsaw, cordless jigsaw, and cordless circular saw.

  • Sara L

    Your insta account rocks! Glad you share all of your amazing project with the world!

  • Donna kowalik

    What would I do with $300 in ryobi tools? Desperately need a new table saw!!

  • Nathon Hagedorn

    300$ in tools would go straight to good use both around the house and on the jobsite!

  • Melita Baldwin

    I need a circular saw (instead of borrowing my neighbor’s) and an impact driver.

  • Taryn

    I would use my new tools to work on some more furniture! 🔨📐

  • Ryan Martinson

    I NEED to upgrade my cordless drill and driver.

  • Rebecca McConnell

    I LOVE all your work. I love how helpful you are even to complete strangers. Your such an inspiration to all of us women out there trying to make our way in this woodworking field! Thanks for all you do and keep being you!

  • Crystal

    If I won I’d grab an air strike grad nailer and probably upgrade my drill!

  • Lindsey Martin

    The Rapid Fuse is the best! Almost as good as this giveaway 😁. The first thing I would get would be a nailer!

  • Krysta Rodriguez

    I would buy the equipment I need to start my Shop. I have small and worn out equipment that limits what I do sometimes. This would be a blessing especially since this is my source of income at the moment while attending bible school! ❤️

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