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DIY Wooden Star Ornaments

wooden star ornaments
Thanksgiving is over, which means it’s time to blast the Christmas music and bust out the ugly Christmas sweaters! I officially feel ready to start posting about the holidays (yes, I have a strict, no-holiday-stuff-before-Thanksgiving rule and no, I’m not sorry)! Now that I’m finally in the holiday spirit, I’ve been inspired by so many festive items hanging around in stores. But, being that my pockets are empty, I’ve vowed to make most of my scrap pile, rather than buying anything new. 

One of the things I’ve been eyeing up has been 3D ornaments. They’re so awesome! But, now that I have a scroll saw, I’ve been wanting to create my own… so, I did. Best part is, I used scrap wood and an already-used can of Varathane wood stain for this project. So, it cost way less than if i were to buy any! Here’s how I did it.

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What You’ll Need

diy star ornaments
Scroll Saw or Band Saw
Sander/Sand Paper

Holiday Printout
Wood Adhesive
Wood Stain

The Steps

1. Print out my free ornament printable on standard printer paper.

2. Cut out your stars.

custom christmas ornaments
3. Trace your stars onto the plywood.

wood christmas ornaments
4. Once traced, use your band saw or scroll saw to cut out your stars.

how to make ornaments
5. After cutting your stars out, pair up your same sized stars. You will use the edge of one star to create a thick outline on the other. This is where you will cut out your channel to slide the stars together later.

3d star ornaments
6. Use the saw to cut out the channels.

how to use a scroll saw
7. Run a dry fit and sand down all of the rough edges.

how to make custom christmas ornaments
8. Stain all of your pieces. I used Varathane Wood Stain in Ash for mine!

diy wooden ornaments
9. Once dry, apply wood glue to the openings in the stars (I used DAP Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive for mine and they dried so fast!). Once you’ve added the adhesive, slide the stars together.

dap rapid fuse wood adhesive
how to make wooden stars
10. Finally, use a drill to create a hole in the star for your thread.

how to hang christmas ornaments
You’re done!

beautiful star ornaments
This project was an easy fix for a bare tree! I love the way they pop! I also love that they didn’t break the bank or burn a hole in my pocket either (massive scrap wood pile for the win)!

christmas tree ornaments
What do you think!? Will you be seeing stars in the near future? If so, please make sure to share them with me on social media – I’d love to see them!

There are tons of cool holiday projects coming up in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout! Until then…

** A huge holiday thank you DAP Products Inc. for sponsoring this post & Rust-Oleum for providing me with stain. While their products are awesome, all decorative ideas, opinions, and holiday jokes are of my own. 

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Michael

    Great little project! Thank you for sharing. It is a great use for scrap wood.

    • Sam

      Thanks for the love!

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