DIY Wooden Storage Cabinet

One of the largest problems I seem to run into is figuring out where to put everything! No matter how big your pantry is, it’s still not big enough (know what I mean)? So, to help ease the pain of storing life’s necessities in bins (or, let’s be real, in corners of the house), I decided to build a storage cabinet! Luckily, my friends at Purdy Paint Tools were on board as well and helped make this dream become a reality! Best part? I’m offering these plans for free!

Now, you guys know that I usually love staining my wood projects. But, my goodness is this white color so dreamy!? And those x-features? Drool.

My project was built to custom specifications, so it could run a bit small for your needs. If that’s the case, you can make whatever changes you need to by adjusting the cut list and dimensions in the free printable plans!

Want to get started? Make sure to download the printable plans! In the meantime, here are some helpful hints to guide you in your own project journey!

What You’ll Need:

Tools & Materials (For Build)
Please refer to the PDF plans for the full list of tools and lumber used for this project!

Tools & Materials (For Fine Details & Finishes)
As always, to make life easier for everyone, here is a list of the materials I used to finish my project the correct and easy way (disclaimer: these links may include affiliate links –  for my full disclosure policy, please click here):

Fine Details for Build:
Pocket Hole Jig
1 ¼” Pocket Hole Screws
(2) Brushed Bronze Door Pulls
(4) 1″ Black Butt Hinges
Shelf Pin Jig
Birch Wood Edgebanding
Wood Putty

Painting & Finishing:
Purdy 4½” Jumbo Mini Roller Frame with White Dove 4 ½” Jumbo Mini Rollers
Purdy 6½” White Dove Wire Mini Roller System with 6½” Jumbo Mini Rollers
Purdy 1” Nylox™ Dale (Angled Brush for Latex Paints)
Purdy 2” Nylox™ Elasco™  (Flat Brush for Latex Paints)
HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Ovation® Interior Paint + Primer (Satin Finish) –Extra White (HGSW4005) (Cabinet Exterior)
HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Ovation® Interior Paint + Primer (Satin Finish) – Rare Grey (HGSW3275) (Cabinet Interior)

The Steps:

For the full, printable plans, please visit my download page.

1. After cutting all of my pieces, I started by assembling the skeleton of the build with pocket hole joinery and wood glue. I used my pre-cut panel pieces to help keep everything spaced out evenly and squared.

2.Once the frame was built, I attached the plywood pieces to the side panels and bottom panel of the unit.

3. Next, I attached the decorative shelf pieces by screwing all pocket holes from the bottom of the piece. This hid the pocket holes and was one less area I had to cover with wood putty later!

4. After attaching all of the main pieces, I used wood putty to hide my pocket holes. Once these were dry, I sanded them down along with the entire inside of the piece for easier assembly later.

5. While the wood putty dried, I measured and fit my X details. I did this by holding my 1 x 2 at the angle I wanted. I then marked the overlay with a pencil, and cut the angle with my miter saw. My top and bottom angles were 12 degrees each (see plans for details).

Next, I measured the second X by overlaying a 1 x 2 with the already attached piece. I then marked the overlap and used it to cut the angle.

6. Once cut, I then attached the remaining X pieces with brad nails and wood glue.

7. I used wood putty to hide any gaps in the X.

8. Next, I added shelf pin holes with my shelf pin jig in order to add an adjustable shelf to the interior of the unit.

9. Once that was done, I used my table saw to create the cabinet doors by cutting dado slots into the 1×3’s. I then slid the plywood into these slots to complete the look.

10. Next, I added the back panel and top to help square the piece.

11. I then attached the doors.

12. To hide any raw plywood edges, I used iron-on edgebanding.

13. Last step in the build process was to give everything a good sanding!

14. Now for the fun part – paint! I wanted to use high quality brushes and rollers to avoid brush strokes and uneven painting, so I started with my Purdy 6½” White Dove Wire Mini Roller System to paint the larger panels. For smaller details, such as the decorative shelf, I went even smaller and used the Purdy 4½” Jumbo Mini Roller Frame with White Dove 4 ½” Jumbo Mini Rollers. Both rollers were total life (and time) savers, since they covered the larger surfaces quickly, leaving an even and super-smooth finish! I also never had to worry about the roller leaving any lint behind, which is a huge plus!

I used HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Ovation Interior Paint + Primer that also worked well with the roller because of its smooth application with minimal brush marks. I used HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Extra White in satin finish for the exterior, and Rare Gray by the same brand for the interior! Both shades are from the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams 2017 Color Collection of the Year, called the Natural Wonder Color Collection. What’s even better is that both paint colors are among the brand’s trending colors for the year, so I know the cabinet won’t be going out of style!

I made sure to use my Purdy Nylox Dale angled brush for small, detailed sections such as the X features and tight angles. The finishing brush was able to reach all of the small parts that the roller and Purdy Nylox Elasco flat brush couldn’t seem to reach. It’s also designed specifically for use with latex paints and left a really smooth finish with no drag! Serious life saver.

14. Once the paint dried, I added the door pulls with a drill!

That’s it! This build took me about 2 full work days to create and another few hours of painting, which could have been a lot longer if I didn’t use high quality brushes and rollers like the ones from Purdy. The paint brushes made the latex paint easy to apply and required minimal coats, which cut down on so much time and left the unit looking stunning! Best part is, now I have a beautifully finished storage piece that fits all of my needs (and my junk)!

Check out those colors!

And those details!

I’m obsessed…

Ready to build your own? You’ve got this! If you want to print these plans out to bring to the store & keep in your workshop, you can check out my enhanced woodworking plans!

Want to build it later? Make sure to Pin It!

In the meantime, I hope I have inspired you to try something new today. If you decide to create this build, please share your final project to #diyhuntress & #purdy on social media! We’d love to see your cabinets in action!

As always…

* This post is sponsored by Purdy Paint Tools. Although I am receiving compensation for this post, all opinions and design choices are my own. This post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Lydia

    Wow, this is beautiful! I would love to make this! Great job, love the paint colors & x-detail.

  • Andrew Miguelez

    If I follow your tutorial and make this, two things will happen:
    1: Everything else in my house will look awful by comparison.
    2: My wife will force me to make a whole bunch of furniture as beautiful as this.

    Seriously though, this is fantastic. I really like the design and your finished shots are gorgeous!

    • Sam Raimondi

      HAHAH. I love this. Thank you so much! You should totally make one!

  • Diana Lopes

    I love this storage cabinets! It looks great and fits anywhere. Thank you for sharing the details, I’ll definitely make one for my entry way =)

  • Joe

    Am I reading this right..is this unit only 52 inches tall.

    • Sam

      The unit is right around 32″ high and 52″ wide. It’s standard height for an entertainment unit. You can find all of the measurements on my plans on Build Something. Hope that helps!

  • Jess

    Why does it say the plans are free and then when I follow the link I get to a page where you charge $5.00?

    • Sam

      It should be listed as free with a “suggested donation”. I just ask for donations because the plans took a really long time to make.

  • Jess

    We ordered the plans off your site and were wondering if there was a misprint on the Materials List. It is calling for (8) 4x4X6 boards. I am thinking you meant to have (8) 2x2x6′ boards for the main frame and supports. Am
    I missing something ?

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