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Yard Maintenance Tips for Early Fall

cut grass in fall

Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean you should neglect your outdoor chores. Early fall is a great time to get a lot of work done in your yard and on your house! To help you get started, I partnered up with RYOBI Outdoors to walk you through a few simple ways to make a big impact on your home’s exterior this fall!

Fall Yard & Home Maintenance Tips

1. Don’t Stop Cutting The Grass

cut grass in fall

One of the biggest misconceptions about cooler weather is that lower temperatures mean you need to stop cutting your grass. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true! It’s important to do all you can to keep your lawn healthy year round – and that means cutting your grass to the proper length during the fall months.

What’s proper length, you ask? Good question! During regular cuts, it’s ideal to keep your grass around 2 ½ to 3″ tall. Getting your hands on a lawn mower that allows you to easily set the depth of your cut will be life saving!

2. Whack Those Weeds!

ryobi outdoors string trimmer weed wacker

If you’re someone who doesn’t use a string trimmer or weed eater very often, then it’s a really good idea to get it up and running during these early fall months. Some vines and types of weed and grass will only need maintenance once or twice per year and early fall is one of the best times for this!

3. Clean Out Your Gutters

How To Clean Gutters

I touch upon this in my Preparing Your Home for Winter post, but clearing out your gutters multiple times per fall will help stop major issues from happening as the weather gets worse. I usually recommend doing this as soon as you see leaves falling and then again closer to holiday season!

4. Pressure Wash Your Home

how to power wash siding

One maintenance tip that is overlooked in the fall is power washing or pressure washing your home. Fall is a great time to prep your siding and concrete for winter with a good shower. To help make sure you hit every surface before colder weather, get your hands on a pressure washing system that comes with different heads for different jobs.

power washing

Another fun tip to add is that power washing in the summer tends to lead to unsafe practices such as less clothing and unsafe footwear (let’s be honest, who wants to wear clothes in the summer anyway?). Cooler weather means you’re more likely to wear safer gear when power washing!


How easy is that!? Do you have any maintenance tips or tricks that you like to use in the fall? Let me know below!

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End Of Summer Yard Work IdeasHappy Fall!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Emma Metson

    These power tools that you featured from Ryobi look impressive. That lawnmower is a beast, and that power washer would come in very handy when spring or in this case fall cleaning. Lovely post as usual, thanks so much for sharing.

  • Gene Wilson

    Wonderful post and a gret reminder. Do you aerate your lawn?

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