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How to Build the Easiest Outdoor Shower

When we moved into our new house, it came with an outdoor shower, but I removed it while renovating our deck. So, let’s add the outdoor shower back in (or, well, out)! It’s a quick and easy project you can do in a weekend!

Full image of DIY outdoor shower and closeup of shower box

We’ve done a lot of outdoor projects since buying our little cape cod. The DIY Deck Makeover, the Floating Deck + Grill Station (In One Weekend)!, Easy Storage Shed Upgrades , and our Modern Raised Planter. That’s a lot of projects, whew! But I feel like it’s our outdoor space now.

Now, it’s finally time to add back the outdoor shower. Truthfully, I know I should have done this when we did the deck makeover, but it wasn’t a priority then.

And, since I’ve decided to relocate it, it will require some extra plumbing work. Dad to the rescue! He’s going to have to crawl under the deck. He’s going to love me for that.

Why an outdoor shower?

  • We live close to the beach, and it’s perfect for rinsing off sand, so we don’t track it all through the house.
  • It’s great for bathing dogs. No more shaking off in the bathroom and making a gigantic mess.
  • Perfect for rinsing off bikes after a long dusty ride.
  • It’s a must-have to rinse off after working on outdoor projects when it’s a gazillion degrees outside.

So let’s get started! As always, you can watch the full project in action on my YouTube Channel

Tools + Materials


The Steps

Step 1

Dig four holes for privacy wall posts using a post-hole digger. It’s less messy, and you can drop the dirt right into a bucket to use somewhere else in your backyard.

digging holes for posts for outdoor shower

Step 2

Mix Quikcrete and poor into the four holes. You have to work quickly because it sets up really fast. We will place the privacy posts on the concrete for this outdoor shower project.

smoothing quikcrete

Step 3

Cut and stain your boards for the walls of the shower. Because I’m adding this to the deck, I only need two walls. The back of the deck acts as the third wall, where the shower body will go. I used two coats of stain on my boards, allowing them to dry between coats.

staining boards with flexio cordless paint sprayer

Step 4

Attach privacy posts to the concrete using heavy-duty construction adhesive and concrete anchors. I also used composite shims to help level the posts. The shims sit on the ground, so the composite material is the perfect choice because they won’t rot.

Installing privacy posts for outdoor shower
Close up of shims used to level posts for outdoor shower

Step 5

Build your walls! I love these privacy posts! Your boards will slide right down into the channel on the posts, and the 1/2″ spacers leave just enough space for a modern look without people being able to see through them. I will say they are a little pricey, but the price was worth it to me, knowing that they will last a long time.

sliding wood slats into privacy posts

Step 6

Assemble and install the shower box. I placed a piece of black PVC on the deck to mount the shower box. Then, we drilled two holes into the deck for the water lines. Then, Dad had to crawl under the deck and do some work rerouting the plumbing to the new shower.

shower box installed in outdoor shower

That’s it! I told you it was the easiest outdoor shower DIY project. Of course, I added some pretty stuff to finish it off. Shampoo and body wash bottles, some aloe plants, and a towel hook on the outside

Completed DIY outdoor shower

Save This for Later

I hope you love this project as much as we do! If so, save it for later!

Full image of DIY outdoor shower and closeup of shower box



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