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How To Install Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

My shed-shop makeover feels like it’s taking an eternity to get through, but I’m finally making some more progress! Last time I shared an update it was for my brand new concrete accent well. Today, I’m tackling the flooring! I installed some waterproof vinyl plank flooring in my shop! This was my first time installing vinyl planks and I am seriously so floored (#punintended) with how it turned out!

How To Install Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

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I have been looking for a durable, but aesthetically pleasing flooring option for my shop for a while and after seeing my girl DIY Danie add some new flooring to her shop, I knew I had to add the wood-look to my wood shop!

Check out this before and after!

how to install vinyl plank flooring over plywood

So, after checking out what was available at my local Home Depot, I decided to opt for some waterproof vinyl plank flooring. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas like my shop and already comes with a pre-installed underlayment, which means I was able to install it directly over my shop floors! 

waterproof vinyl plank flooring in grey

Want to learn how to install waterproof vinyl plank flooring in your own space? I was able to install this entire floor in just a few afternoons after my full time job. Here’s how I got it done!

What I Used:

Dremel Ultra Saw

Flooring Installation Kit
Dremel 20-Volt Ultra-Saw Tool Kit
Utility Knife
Knee Pads
Measuring Tape

Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring
Foam Board Insulation (For Cutting)
Shed Door Threshold

The Steps:

1. I first started the flooring process by sweeping and vacuuming any debris off of the floor. Luckily, my shop floors are already pretty level, but if the floors you are working on are not, you will have to level them before starting.

how to clean workshop floors

2. Next, I added ¼” spacers to the back wall of my shop since I was starting my flooring from the back left corner. I also made sure to leave a ¼” on the side walls as well. This will help prevent any issues with expansion.

installing floor spacers

3. Next step was to cut the tongue side off of my first row of boards. 

installing first row vinyl plank flooring

4. I then installed my first row of boards by pressing the flush, cut against the spacers. I worked my way from left to right making sure to insert the tongue into the groove and tighten the gaps. I used a tapping block and a special pry bar to help tighten the seams in between each board.

vinyl flooring installation kit

5. When I got to the end of each row, I used my Dremel 20-Volt Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with a wood cutting blade to trim my pieces. Love this cordless saw because I was able to carry it throughout my shop without having to maneuver around cords! It also has a depth adjustment, so I was able to make my cuts accurately and quickly on the floor with a piece of foam insulation on the underside to protect my shop floor.

cutting vinyl plank floors with saw

I then was able to use the leftover cut-off piece to start the next row.

6. When I got to the last row, I had to take some measurements and transfer them to my pieces. I then cut them out using the Dremel Ultra Saw. You can see this in action in my YouTube video!

installing last row of vinyl plank flooring

7. Last step was to install the door threshold. The threshold you choose will depend on the project you are doing. I chose a metal shed door threshold for my project since I was installing the flooring in my shed-shop! I used my Dremel rotary tool and a metal cutting wheel to cut it to size before installing it with caulking and screws.

cutting metal with a dremel

installing shed threshold

That’s it! So. Much. Better!

before and after vinyl plank flooring

With the larger projects now out of the way in the shed-shop, I can finally focus on creating some custom pieces for my tools and I cannot wait. Make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep following along!

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How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Happy DIY’ing, friends!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Lucas Martin

    Amazing Blog! Thank you for sharing the detailed information.

  • Linda Wilson

    I knew I would find installation instructions for vinyl plank flooring with either you or Dani! You popped up first, so I am going with yours. Mohawk Flooring is not willing to put the DIY instructions on their website. Thank you so much for the excellent, easy to follow guide. I will let you know how it goes when I am done. I am trying to decide whether to cut the planks on an angle or just do it ‘down and dirty.’ I think I will go with the easier way. I am doing a couple things to my townhouse before putting on the market.

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