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How To Install Windows In A Shed

how to build a shed

If you have been following my Shed-Shop Series on YouTube, you’ll know that my dad and I worked really hard this summer to build a shed from the ground-up and then turn it into my new workshop! Even cooler, I was able to partner with some of my favorite people at The Home Depot & DAP Products to add some awesome custom features to the build – like, windows! Check out how I cut holes in my brand new shed and turned them into windows in this post!

How To Install Windows In A Shed

Want to skip the step-by-step tutorial and check out the video tutorial instead? Check it out on my YouTube channel!

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Before even thinking about starting this build, I knew I wanted big windows that let in a ton of natural light for better quality photos and videos. So, lucky me when my DIY Shed Kit came with ready-to-go shed windows that just needed some installing!

Here’s the catch… all of the window installation tutorials I saw on YouTube had pre-cut openings for their windows in their shed walls. But, not mine!

how to install a window

I’m going to show you how easy it was to install all four shed windows in a solid wall in one day (with the help of my little brother)!

What You’ll Need:


HANDy Home Products 12×12 Shed Kit
HANDy Home Products Shed Window
DAP 3.0 Window, Door, & Siding Sealer
DAP Dyna Grip
DAP Touch ‘N Foam No Warp
Tar Paper (For Flashing Windows)


RIDGID Reciprocating Saw
Paddle Bit
RYOBI Cordless Jig Saw
Speed Square
Tape Measurer
An Awesome Partner In Crime

The Steps:

1. Measure and mark the location of your windows, making sure the outline is level. Luckily, the windows I chose were made for my exact shed kid, so I just had to measure how high I wanted them to be. They fit perfectly between my studs. If your windows don’t fit perfectly, don’t stress. We’ll tackle that later!

window installation

2. Once you’ve figured out where your windows are going, use a paddle bit to create pilot holes in your shed walls to fit your reciprocating saw blade.

diy window installation

3. Use your saw to cut out the opening for your window.

how to add windows to shed

4. Use a jig saw to clean up the cut, if needed.

how to cut opening for window

5. Cut and install the header and the footer for your window with a hammer and nails. You can also add supports on the sides of the windows if they do not reach your studs (mine did, so I skipped that step). Make sure everything is level before permanently securing.

My header and footer boards were included with my window kit, but you can use 2×4 boards for this step if you are not using a kit.

how to add window to wall

6. Once the supports are installed, install a vapor barrier around the perimeter of the window opening (we used leftover tar paper from the roofing portion of the build). This will help protect the wood in case any water or moisture seeps into the opening.

how to seal leaking window

waterproof windows

7. Next, grab a partner and install your window! While one person holds the window from the exterior, the second partner should be inside making sure the window is level.

Once the window is level, the person outside should secure it to the supports in the shed with screws.

add windows to shed

8. Prep your exterior trim with exterior grade paint. Once, dry, I used Dyna Grip construction adhesive and brad nails to attach the trim to the shed.

how to add exterior trim

how to add trim to shed

9. After attaching the trim, use an exterior sealant, like DAP 3.0 Window, Door, & Siding Sealer, to seal in the windows and keep moisture and rain from seeping into the window opening.

Now, let there be light!

how to build a shed

Now that the exterior of the shed is done, we’re on to the interior projects! See you next time for insulation!

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This post is sponsored by DAP Products, Inc. All tastes in art work and product opinions are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Autem Decker

    Perfectly described. I love your DIY blog. You write it so well

    • Sam

      Thanks so much, Autem!

  • Jeremy B.

    What a great DIY project and overall a wonderful blog. Thumbs up for doing the work so precisely!

    • Sam

      Thank you so much!

  • Mark

    Your’s step-by-step pictures are awesome. It is a lot of work

    Great work!

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