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How To Patch Drywall

how to fix holes in wall

Growing up, my dad taught me everything there was to know about home improvement. But, to this day, I still swear that teaching me how to patch walls was basically like having the ultimate superpower. Since I started blogging, my walls have found new holes in them that have required lots of TLC… and, honestly, now that I live in a rental, this superpower is essential. Patching small holes in your walls is so easy (even a caveman can do it — sorry, I had to). 

How To Patch Drywall

In an effort to share more home improvement tutorials on the blog this year, I partnered with my friends at DAP Products for this tutorial! Our aim is to make home improvement projects feel approachable! Here’s how easy it is to fix those annoying holes in your wall…

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What You’ll Need:

Tools & Materials
Putty Knife
Sanding Block
Drywall Spackle
Paint Brush

The Steps:

1. Locate the hole or crack you want to fill. Use a scraper to remove any excess drywall or debris from the area.

how to repair drywall

2. Choose the right drywall spackle for the hole you are filling. For larger holes caused by nails or bruising, use a professional strength spackle. For small, thin, reoccuring cracks, you can use a flexible spackle that will form and flex with your settling home.

how to use spackle

3. Use a putty knife to remove a dollop of spackle from the container.

how to fill holes in walls

4. Apply the spackle to the hole. Make sure what you apply is a little thicker than what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes the holes you patch may be deep enough for the spackle to shrink. Having excess on the wall is a good way to prevent any pitting.

how to paint walls

5. Let the patch dry. Dry times will depend on the type of spackle used as well as how much is applied.

how to fix drywall

6. Once the patch is dry, use a sanding block to sand the patch flush to the wall.

how to sand drywall

7. Once the patch is flat, paint over it to blend it into the wall (we were repainting the room we were patching, so the color we used was a little different).

how to repair broken walls

8. Admire your handy work!

how to paint walls

Not so scary, right!?

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What do you think, was this helpful? What other home improvement tips would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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