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DIY Floppy Disk Coasters


Remember all of those old gems we used on a an everyday basis growing up that are just wasting space in our attics and closets? Well, today I present floppy disks. I recently found around 25 of these old relics stacked away in my closet and for some reason I just did not want to introduce them to the trash can. So, being the crafty person I am, I repurposed them! Now they get to

diy huntress habitat for humanity

Did you know that there is an affordable housing crisis in the United States? For real, you guys, there is virtually nowhere in the nation that a full-time employee earning minimum wage can afford a one-bedroom apartment. In fact, I’ll keep it really real. As someone who recently graduated after a nine year collegiate and post-collegiate career, I feel so fortunate to have a family that can help support me as I start my new


Guys, remember how I was gambling a 50/50 shot on my first concrete project being a total mess? Well, it’s done, and it surprisingly┬áturned out really beautiful (yes, I am in actual shock at how well I was able to handle this project)! I am so excited to show you my version of the Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself DIY Concrete Tray Project! With a little extra love and effort, I was able to transform my tray