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Home Improvement

How To Install Tile Backsplash


Over the holiday, my family and I had some work done to our kitchen, and secretly, I’ve always wanted to put backsplash up without help. So, I did it! It was so rewarding (and much cheaper than hiring someone)!  During the completion of the project, I thought this was an awesome excuse to show everyone the process of installing a kitchen backsplash! It is SO much easier than one would think. Check it out and complete your own tile project!


DIY Vinyl Record Bowls


I am an avid collector of vinyl records, I love listening to the crackles and pops of old records.  But let’s face it, some of my records just aren’t in working condition anymore. So instead of throwing them out, I decided to do something fun with them which could double as a cute gift that you could fill up with goodies for the holiday season!


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