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concrete planter with tupperware
Crafting Holidays

DIY Easy Concrete Planter


Every holiday season I get lots of requests for quick and easy handmade gift ideas, and this year is no different! I joined together with a list of other talented bloggers to share some handmade holiday gifts. Even cooler, this DIY concrete planter was insanely easy to make and only took me one day! Ready to see how easy this planter was to make with the help of  my friends T-Rex Tape? Let’s do this!

shed workshop

A little over a year ago, my dad and I finished building my new shed-shop! Since then, I have gotten tons of requests to post small workshop organization tips as well as show off my shop. So, today I’m partnering up with my amazing friends at The Home Depot to round out this shed-shop series and show off my favorite organization tips as well as my shop!

entrway closet mud room
Home Improvement

DIY Entryway Closet Makeover


I spend a ton of time at my parents’ home (in case you missed it, my workshop is in their backyard). So, no surprise that I tend to contribute to their mess… That being said, I have wanted to help them organize their entryway closet for the longest time. It serves as a central hub for their pantry items and is pretty much a pseudo mudroom as well. It really needed some TLC, so here’s how I made this DIY Entryway Closet Makeover happen with the help of my friends at The Home Depot.

live edge dining table

If you’ve been following along for a bit, you’ll know that I recently challenged myself to build a custom live edge dining table with welded legs for my family (spoiler alert, it turned out awesome). The only thing missing, however, was a custom bench to go along with the table. But, not anymore! I finally got around to making them a custom live edge bench with metal legs to match their table, and even cooler, my friends at The Home Depot helped make it happen. Here’s how!