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One of the reasons why I started building my own furniture was because I couldn’t afford to buy the pieces I was drooling over in the windows of stores (cue, “how much is that doggy in the window”, but sub “doggy” for “dresser”). That being said, I was pretty stoked when I was asked to join in on a knockoff furniture challenge with a slew of amazingly talented bloggers. Even cooler, our budget was less than $100. So, I made a replica of a $400 nightstand from reclaimed pallet wood and $40 in lumber. Even cooler, I partnered up with my amazing family at DAP Products to turn this vision into a budget-friendly reality!

shed workshop
Home Improvement

DIY Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall


If you’ve been following my Shed-Shop Series on my website and YouTube, you’ll know that one of the most exciting parts of my shop build was customizing the space to make it feel like home. Because the build was so stressful, I was looking for an easy and beautiful way to make an impact, so I partnered up with Plank & Mill to add their reclaimed barn wood to my shop walls. Now I have an awesome backdrop for my blog posts & videos – here’s how I did it (you can also see  a video tutorial of this project as well)!

modern wine rack

I love wine (I mean, who doesn’t). Therefore, I honestly believe that you can never have too much wine storage (or, glasses of wine in one sitting… but that’s a conversation for another day). However, most of my wine storage is bulky and made from lumber. So, I wanted to try my hand at creating one from metal and leather. Even better, I didn’t have to weld a single thing! Wanna know how? I partnered up with my amazing partners at Bernzomatic to show you how I did it!


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