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Cleaning Pet Messes At Home


I love my little dudes, but anyone who has a furry family member at home knows how messy they can be! To make things even more complicated, groomers have been closed here for a while, which means that my mini huskies are big-husky stinky. But, hiring a pro to clean pet messes could cost upwards of $100 per room. So, to combat that extra cost, I partnered up with Hoover to show how easy it

wooden bench for backyard

DIY Chevron Cedar Bench


Warmer weather means it’s time for outdoor projects! Last summer I made a chevron table for my parents’ backyard, and it’s holding up so well. So, this year I decided to make a matching bench with a torched base! I don’t know what it is about chevron, but I’m clearly obsessed. Ready to see how I made this bench? Let’s get started!

diy custom bookshelf

Last week I finally spilled the details on our new apartment! Let’s be real, I think I might be most excited about the fact that I have more rooms to build things for. Anyway! If you check out the apartment video, you’ll know that we are working with a pretty weird layout in our living room. So, to help make the space functional, but also practical (hello, storage), I built a custom DIY metal and

easy living room makeover ideas

If you’ve been following along on Instagram and YouTube, you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about how my other half and I recently signed a lease on a new apartment! We have now been in the space for two months, but have been struggling to make it feel like our own with most stores being closed right now. But, I finally found the inspiration to mix and match things we already had on hand