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plywood artwork

One of my favorite parts about being a DIY blogger is that I get to be part of a community of insanely talented makers. So, cue my excitement when a bunch of my favorite creators invited me to a fun Wood Art Challenge! I already have a tutorial on my blog for Geometric Wood Art and thought it would be fun to try something with plywood this time. To help me with this project, I partnered with my amazing friends at Rust-Oleum to show you how to make this piece of wall art in one weekend! Here’s how.

Crafting Woodworking

DIY String Art


A few weeks ago the beautiful, rad, and talented Rachel Metz reached out to me about a collaboration, and I couldn’t be more stoked!  Together, we put our creative brains to work and decided it would be so much fun to do a DIY swap challenge. So, the two of us went to our respective shops on opposite coasts (she’s all the way in California), packaged up some fun materials, and sent them to each other. I sent her a box full of goodies that she made into the cutest Mason Jar Sconces, and I used her materials to create bohemian mixed-media string art for my bedroom! This project was so much fun and had my mind racing – there are so many things you can do with string, nails, and wood! Here’s how I made mine, and how you can make your own!

small entryway decor ideas
Home Improvement

DIY Small Entryway Makeover


Of all of the spaces that make an impact in a house, an entryway is arguably one of the biggest. Unfortunately, our entryway was… well non-existent. And, since I couldn’t open up any walls (who needs stairs to get to the second floor anyway?), I had to get really creative with the space. So, I partnered up with my friends at DAP Products to give our cozy house a small entryway makeover. Here’s how it went!

diy geometric accent wall ideas

I recently got a chance to renovate my parent’s guest room and turn it into a combination guest space and home office for my mom. But, with work from home culture still going strong, my dad was feeling a bit bummed that his space was so cluttered. So, to help him out I tackled a DIY mudroom & home office makeover to give him a space to work too! Here’s  how I made it happen!