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small entryway decor ideas
Home Improvement

DIY Small Entryway Makeover


Of all of the spaces that make an impact in a house, an entryway is arguably one of the biggest. Unfortunately, our entryway was… well non-existent. And, since I couldn’t open up any walls (who needs stairs to get to the second floor anyway?), I had to get really creative with the space. So, I partnered up with my friends at DAP Products to give our cozy house a small entryway makeover. Here’s how it went!

diy geometric accent wall ideas

I recently got a chance to renovate my parent’s guest room and turn it into a combination guest space and home office for my mom. But, with work from home culture still going strong, my dad was feeling a bit bummed that his space was so cluttered. So, to help him out I tackled a DIY mudroom & home office makeover to give him a space to work too! Here’s  how I made it happen!

floating nightstand live edge

DIY Floating Nightstands


Woodworking is my therapy… most days. I recently opened up about this on Instagram, but turning my therapeutic hobby into a business has been so amazing. But, it’s not often I get to build something nowadays without a looming deadline. So, this summer while I was on my break from my full time job, I decided to work on a project for me – a therapy project. Something to remind me why I started sharing

diy sliding barn door

One of my favorite journeys has been helping my parents renovate their new home, and being that my other half and I just moved in to save money for our own home (I talk about that journey here), I wanted to thank them in a special way. So, I decided to team up with my incredible friends at DAP Products to create a custom, modern sliding barn door for their main bathroom.