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How To Install Tile Backsplash

how to install backsplash
Over the holiday, my family and I had some work done to our kitchen, and secretly, I’ve always wanted to put backsplash up without help. So, I did it! It was so rewarding (and much cheaper than hiring someone)!  During the completion of the project, I thought this was an awesome excuse to show everyone how to install a kitchen backsplash! It is SO much easier than one would think. Check it out and complete your own tile project!

How To Install Kitchen Backsplash

To begin, while other websites made this look super easy and super clean, I must admit it was some work!  I was a bit more than messy when I was done…

Overall, the result was amazing, and although it was a little messy, and took a few days to complete, the work was totally worth it! Besides, it saved me at least $100… so that’s what’s up!

What You’ll Need:
how to tile kitchen backsplash
Tile Cutter or Tile Saw
Fine Tooth Trowel
Scissors (for mesh sheets)
Float or Sponge

Backsplash Tiles (I used ones that were attached to mesh sheets)
Tile Glue

The Steps:

1. Use your trowel to apply tile glue to your walls. When using mesh tile sheets you can start either in a corner or the center of your wall.  We chose to start in a corner.
how to add tiles to kitchen wallhow to install mosaic backsplash
2. Press the sheet into the tile glue and press firmly to adhere to the glue.  Utilize a level to ensure your sheets are alined the right way.  If you are using a grout line below your sheets you may want to measure this out using spacers.

diy backsplash3. Continue this process and line up the mesh sheets. When using tiles like mine, your sheets will line up with each other pretty easily. If you have to trim any of your sheets, you can do this using scissors.
backsplash installationhow to trim glass tiles
4. Once you’re done placing all of your sheets, use your tile cutter to trim tiles to place in your open spaces that full tiles would not fit in.
how to cut tiles
5. When you’re tiles are done being placed make sure you allow them anywhere from 12 hours to one full day to dry.

6. Once your tiles are dry, you’re ready to grout! For this step you’ll need your grout, a float (or a sponge in my case), a clean sponge, water, and rags.
how to grout backsplash
7. Mix your grout in a bowl or bucket, depending on how much you need. Sometimes the measurements may not be exact on the side of the box, so eyeball how much you actually need.  The grout should be a happy consistency between watery and thick.

how to mix grout8. Apply your grout to your tiles using your trowel or sponge. We chose to use a sponge for this project due to the delicate nature of the glass tiles as well as the fact that we were only grouting a small area.

how to grout tiles9. Once your grout has sat for a little, begin to wipe away the excess grout from the face of your tiles using a wet sponge. Wipe off the grout in a circular motion and remember to continue to rinse out your sponge.
how to install tile backsplash
10. Allow your grout to dry.  If you notice some cracks and holes in the grout while it dries, this is normal! Just fill any spots in with more grout.
mosaic tile backsplash installation diy tile backsplashhow to add tiles to kitchen
Although this was a weekend long project, it was well worth the wait! Backsplashes come in virtually every shape, color scheme, and material, so don’t be afraid to be picky when it comes to putting backsplash in your home!

Grout comes in many colors too! So have some fun with picking out your colors!

If you need anymore help with a project like this, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Have you installed your own backsplash!? I want to see! Tag your projects #diyhuntress on Instagram or post them to my Facebook wall!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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