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Tips For Organizing and Maintaining Your Workshop

how to clean chisels

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Cleaning your shop can feel like the ultimate chore. Especially when all you want to do is get in there and build! Trust me, as someone with a busy schedule, I get it. So, to help get you working faster and more efficiently, I partnered with my friends at 3-IN-ONE® to share my go-to tips for getting your workshop ready in less than a full weekend!

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1. Organize Your Storage

wd-40 3-in-one oil

If your shop is like mine, then you know that despite making practically every effort to keep sawdust out of your workspace, you’ll still find that stuff everywhere. While my shop vacuum is great, it can’t pick up everything. So, every so often I will clear out my workshop drawers and wipe them down. For my most recent shop clean-up, I used 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil and a shop rag to wipe down my metal workbenches and drawers. It helped to not only pick up leftover dust particles, but it also didn’t leave any oily residue.

how to clean workbench

Let’s take this to the next level… if your drawer hinges are gunked up with sawdust, then 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil can fix that problem as well. Just apply the product to your drawer slides and wipe with a shop rag. Good. As. New.

how to clean drawer slides

2. Build New Storage (For Cheap!)

diy scrap wood boxes

The easiest way to add custom and affordable storage to any shop is to build basic boxes out of scrap wood and brad nails! Free and helpful!

3. Change Your Saw Blades

how to remove bolt from saw blade

One of the simplest ways to add efficiency to your workshop is to upgrade your saw blades. Quick tip! If the bolt to release the blade is stuck or gunked up with sawdust (these things happen), make sure to lubricate the bolt before removing. You can add small drops of 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil for a big impact!

4. Square Your Saw Blades

how to square a blade

If your blades aren’t square, then neither is your work! Make sure to square up your saw blades as often as you can!

5. Clean Your Hand Tools

how to remove rust from tools

3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil really is the king of multi-purpose oils. We just fixed our drawers, switched out our saw blades, and now it’s time to remove rust from your most used tools! Just apply the oil to a shop rag and wipe away! It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

6. Clean Your Actual Hands

lava soap

wd-40 lava soap

When you give your workshop a thorough clean, you’re most likely to need a thorough cleaning of your own. Make sure to have a practical and powerful soap around to help remove dirt and exfoliate hands. That’s where a heavy-duty product like Lava Soap®comes in “handy”. (Yup … I just did that and no, I can’t take it back.) The product’s name actually comes from volcanic pumice being a key ingredient that helps remove even the toughest grime, grease or gunk.

Now that your shop is clean, it’s time to get to work! Do you have go-to shop tips that help you stay efficient and organize? Please share them in the comments below!

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