Hi, I’m SaM!

Hi, I’m SaM!

Carpenter. Woodworker. DIY’er.

Hey friends, I’m Sam! I come from a long line of rad carpenters who taught me everything I know, and now I’m passing that knowledge onto you!

I started my woodworking business in 2012 (I know, I’m old…), and spent over a decade running it as a side hustle while I completed my PhD in Psychology and ventured out into the professional world. And, in 2022, I officially decided to turn my side hustle into a full-time hustle! And well, the rest is history!

As a (former) career-long weekend warrior and chick who is forever on a budget, I specialize in sharing easy DIY projects that don’t take forever to complete and also don’t have to break the bank. I believe that DIY projects can be approachable, fun, and also empowering.

On this website, you will find tons of project inspo from woodworking, to home improvement, crafting, and more! My goal is to make DIY fun for all skill levels (Scout’s honor)!

Can’t wait to build cool things with all of you by my side! Let’s get started, friends!

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