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live edge dining table

If you’ve been following along for a bit, you’ll know that I recently challenged myself to build a custom live edge dining table with welded legs for my family (spoiler alert, it turned out awesome). The only thing missing, however, was a custom bench to go along with the table. But, not anymore! I finally got around to making them a custom live edge bench with metal legs to match their table, and even cooler, my friends at The Home Depot helped make it happen. Here’s how!

diy sliding barn door

One of my favorite journeys has been helping my parents renovate their new home, and being that my other half and I just moved in to save money for our own home (I talk about that journey here), I wanted to thank them in a special way. So, I decided to team up with my incredible friends at DAP Products to create a custom, modern sliding barn door for their main bathroom.