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DIY Easy Storage Shelf (For The Side Of My Fridge)!

Need some extra storage space in your kitchen? Create an easy storage shelf for the side of your refrigerator to help organize your cutting boards, wine bottles, and miscellaneous kitchen items in one weekend or less!

I recently just renovated our small kitchen (you can check out the full makeover on my YouTube channel), and wanted to make use of the empty space on the side of my fridge. When you have a tiny kitchen, it’s important to try to use all of the space you can. So, I create an easy storage shelf to hold my cutting boards, wine bottles, and more in just one weekend of work. Here’s how!

How To Build An Easy Storage Shelf

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Materials + Tools



Cut List + Plans

For a full cut list and dimensions for this project, check out my printable plans!

Build The Frame

Step 1: First, I created my shelf frame by attaching the top and bottom pieces to the sides with pocket hole screws and wood glue.

Step 2: Next, I routed a channel along the inner edge of the shelf to fit the 1/4″ plywood panel in later in the process.

Add The Shelves

Step 3: Once the frame has been built, rip your 1×4 shelf pieces 1/4″ thinner to account for the back panel. Then, attach the shelving pieces to the frame with wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Step 4: Next, add the decorative 1×2 boards with pocket hole screws and wood glue from the backside of the boards.

Add The Back Panel

Step 5: Cut and add your back panel to the shelf using brad nails. Pre-stain the board before attaching (you’ll thank me later).

Add Stain + Finish

Step 6: Finish the shelf with stain and poly.

Install Shelf

Step 7: If you are installing the shelf on the side of your fridge, attach it to the side panel. Otherwise, attach your shelf to the wall if you are leaving it freestanding to avoid tipping.

And, after just a few days of work you just made an easy storage shelf for your home! Here’s what the space looked like before:

And here’s what it looks like now!

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