DIY Wooden Yoga Mat Rack & RYOBI Power Tools Giveaway

wooden yoga mat holder

yoga mat holder

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cue the champagne popping and eat the rest of the junk food in your house before officially dedicating this year to getting into shape! Every year I promise myself I’ll start working out, but it doesn’t always happen the way I planned. My cardio usually gets done while carrying wood panels to my car from the hardware store, and squats are only achieved when lifting heavy items off of the shop floor. But, this year is different! I will be teaching yoga in the caribbean for a week in April, and it’s time to get in shape! So, to help me jump start my goals, I built a fun new rack for my yoga mat! even better, I’m partnering with RYOBI Tools to give away $300 in power tools to one lucky winner! What better way to start the new year!?

If your goal is to be more active this year, this is a great project to start with!  I created a fun way to hang my yoga mat so that it is easily accessible when I get home from work.

wood wall art

Now there’s literally no excuse to not be active when I get home because my mat is in front of my face every single day. Yoga trip, here I come! Not into yoga? It’s cool, you can also use this piece of art as a skateboard holder or a coat rack. Boom. Talk about multipurpose living!

skateboard holder

Want to learn how to make your own? You can find the full step-by-step tutorial on RYOBI Nation! This project took an afternoon to complete – not bad for a few years of use!

Want to work on your moves and your project once the New Year dies down? No worries, you can Pin It for later!

diy yoga mat holder pinterest

Last thing! Not only am I sharing these plans for free on RYOBI Nation, but I’ve partnered with RYOBI to give one lucky winner $300 worth of RYOBI tools of their choice! Talk about a happy new year! Want to win? Just follow the steps in the giveaway widget below! The winner will be chosen on 2/2/2017. Good luck everyone!

ryobi tools giveaway
Receive up to 7 entries by following the directions in the giveaway widget below! This contest will run from 1/2/2017 and will end at 11:59pm on 1/31/2017. This giveaway is open to US residents only. One person will be randomly chosen to win $300 worth of RYOBI Power Tools of their choosing on 2/2/2017!  Good luck everyone!

* This post and giveaway are sponsored by RYOBI Power Tools. All opinions, design choices, and exercise choices are my own.

This post may contain affiliate linking. While these links cost no extra for you to use, a percentage of all sales made through these links will help fund future DIY Huntress projects. For more information, please visit my "About Me" page. Thank you!



  1. I would finally build my coffee and end table set and the barn door for my laundry room. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway. Happy New Year! 🎉

  2. Beautiful project. Would be great just as wall art but you made it functional. Would like be to win some Ryobi green to build myself some wall art.

  3. With $300 worth of Ryobi Tools the question is what can’t I build?? I’d build tables and frames and benches oh my! This wooden yoga mat and rack would be in my list to try! Thanks to DiyHuntress and Ryobi for chance!!

  4. Awesome idea for storage and art. Great Giveaway, $300 in tools would help build a new platform bed with storage for the master bedroom

  5. My New Years resolution is to learn now to use power tools! And ironically I was in Home Depot this morning looking at RYOBI Miter Saws. So I would definitely use this contest to buy a Miter saw, and maybe even a table saw!

  6. I’d buy myself a new Ryobi pancake compressor cuz my old non-Ryobi clunker just broke. I’d also buy a gift for my woodworking friend I met on Twitter who lives a thousand miles away. He’s a big Ryobi and diyHuntress fan and he’s always there to answer my questions and give me tips and advice. You’d have TWO winners!

  7. With $300 in Ryobi tools, I would add a router and belt sander to my Ryobi collection to build an arcade cabinet for my brother.

  8. I’d finally build the shelves in my garage to organize my work space, the kids’ bikes and toys, and maybe get a car in the garage!!

  9. I would definitely build my wife the king size bed frame that she keeps asking for rather than having a box spring on the floor!

  10. What an awesome giveaway! LOVE Ryobi tools, but could DEFINITELY use some new ones, like the airstrike nailer or impact driver… I would use these to build my next larger build attempt, a dining room table, custom sized to fit my TINY 1953 eat in kitchen!!!!

  11. I would use the tools to build lots of furniture for people since I just started taking orders and have started selling pieces. My new year goal is to make it a full time job by the end of the year!!!

  12. The first order of business would be to build my dad a railing next to his front steps. He’s recovering very well from a recent stroke, but navigating those makes him nervous since he’s still pretty weak.
    After that, I would use the tools to start the
    small business I’ve always dreamed of. My dad always said Ryobi is the top of the line!

  13. What to build?! Who knows but what an awesome way to begin a new hobby. Would love to build a coffee table for my parents house so my kids can put their snacks on it, finish up a wood bench. The projects are endless but what a neat gift… once I got decent I would make to sell and donate monies to church missions.

  14. I would build all the things!!! Want a band saw to work on toys for my nieces and nephews. And finish repairing an awesome antique pie safe I rescued.

  15. Awesome project & give away. Have been building items around my new home. A nail gun and table saw are what I have been missing!

  16. What a great giveaway! My top build right now would be to make an entertainment center in our new living room. Our little one is crawling and getting into cords and can climb up to reach our TV. We need to make this area safer for him.

  17. I love this, I’d actually make it for two since my husband and I both do yoga so we have two mats. I’d love to attempt to make this and a bar for our patio with new tools.

  18. I love the pattern you created with the wood.

    I’d buy myself a table saw. I’ve had my eye on the extending arm one!

  19. I would use them on our new home remodeling projects we just purchased our very first home and are in the process of getting it the way we want it.

  20. I want to create a craft and writing haven with a kotatsu and plot board. I’m slowly adding to my tool list and will be getting started when the weather mellows. It’s going to be ‘epic’

  21. I have been given a bunch of pallets and plan to build an outdoor garbage can holder with them. I saw plans for a really cute one that is painted white and looks like a picket fence.

  22. Cool project and nicely done. I found your rolling router table project on Ryobi Nation and have added it to my project list.

  23. Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to add a few more tools to round out my shop. Maybe a drill press, bandsaw, some cordless tools!

  24. If I won the Ryobi giveaway, I’d build a board and batton wall in my kitchen. I’d also build a farmhouse kitchen table and bench. The ideas are endless. Having those tools would definitely help.

  25. I would build my one year old a toddler bed. Today on the nest cam I witnessed him climb out of his crib for the first time 🙈🙈 thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I’m moving into a new house this March and could really use these tools with a lot of projects I have planned – ranging from dining room table and coffee table to headboards and tv stand!

  27. I’d check some things off my “to eventually do” list with Ryobi power tools. So many things I’d like to do but don’t have any tools! 🙂

  28. I am waiting to build a farmhouse style headboard. We just built a farmhouse table for the patio and it was our first build. Now I can’t wait to build something else 😉

  29. I would build a Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter, a new coffee table and basically all the furniture I have to replace the store bought items. There’s a ton of things I’ve seen on your Instagram that I’d love to try too!!

  30. I would buy a whole bunch of little tools to make things easier so I can MAKE more! … nail gun, staple gun, belt sander, etc. I need to build myself a work bench, too. Apartment living has me drooling over garages!

  31. I have recently gotten into woodworking and would use the tools to start on some great projects I can’t wait to try! And build my wood shop in my home:)

  32. Wow, if I won I would use this as a starting block to build so many things. I want to get into more furniture, but right now I’m doing custom signs and shelves using reclaimed wood.

  33. If I won the tools in the giveaway, I wouldn’t have any certain things planned. I have been helping a friend with things around her house after her husband passed away. The Ryobi tools would make things a lot easier.

    Ok.. I would definitely build a new work bench. That’d be the second thing that would make things easier for me.

  34. I would love to finally learn to build my own furniture farmhouse style…would love the chance to be able to finally furnish my apartment, those tools would go a long way to help me accomplish that ☺

  35. I want to build a nice headboard and some shelves for closet. Plus there is about a million other things I would like to build.

  36. I will build a tv stand with barn doors, side tables, wrap my sofa in plywood, out door table for summer party, and some addirondacks chairs for the fire pit

  37. I would first build some bedside tables because ours are falling apart. Then probably a dining table and bar cart. I have so many ideas for projects and so many things need to get done around the house.

  38. I would love to win this for my dad, he’s always making something for out house; shelves, plant shevles, and many other things. With these tools he could make more things and wouldn’t have to borrow any of my grandpa’s tools he has. I’m also wanting to start my own little wood projects after I have my baby soon. Dad and I would both love this!

  39. I would love to win this for my dad, he’s always making something for out house; shelves, plant shevles, and many other things. With these tools he could make more things and wouldn’t have to borrow any of my grandpa’s tools he has. I’m also wanting to start my own little wood projects after I have my baby soon. Dad and I would both love this!

  40. I realllllyyy want to build a table to go over my bed for my laptop hand lotion random stuff I have floating in my bed ! These tools will make it happen

  41. I would build living room furniture! We just moved into our first home and I am dying for some handmade, solid wood, coffee table, side tables, and benches that will last forever!

    I have a feeling I would finally get to all those DIY things I’ve pinned that I’ve never had the tools to actually build! I know how great the Ryobi brand is, so this would be awesome!

  42. I would give them to a very good friend of mine, Jessica Winegar: shes a single mother of 2, that over the last year has become a very big inspiration to me. She is a master at refinishing furniture; I’m teaching her how to repair pieces that she finds, and even build some of her own. Some how she balances a day job, make her kids lives the best it can be, and finds time to pursue her passion for DIY.

  43. I have so many projects in mind that I would use the $300 in Ryobi tools for! I’m just starting out, so I don’t even know what tools I’d need for my projects yet, but this would be a great jumping off point! 🙂

  44. If I won the Ryobi Giveaway, I would take my hobby to the next level. The only Ryobi tools I currently own are a drill and impact driver that I got factory refurbished at Direct Tools. I would also spread the news about Ryobi, especially for beginner DIYers like me. I need to expand on my tool collection!

  45. Awesome contest! For me, this would help further my efforts to build furniture at home with my three kids. Showing them the hard work that’s been instilled in me first hand. As a social worker, my kids know I work, but don’t see what that looks like, but in the garage there is tangible evidence of hard work.

  46. I would build a farmhouse table for the wife and night stands for the kids rooms !! I’m dying to own an airstrike nailer!

  47. I would finally be able to DIY projects I’ve been wanting to do forever- a headboard – along the same style as the yoga mat rack and a sofa table. Awesome giveaway!

  48. I picked up a new Ryobi nrad nailer yesterday and am super excited to remodeling my 1/2 bath. First up is a plank wall. I am using my Ryobi jigsaw to transform a dresser to a bathroom vanity. I love all of your tips that I have helped me learn to be a diyer.

  49. I would build a rusticx coffee table to match my console table that is almost done! And I still want to build a desk, shelves, and a buffet table.

  50. I absolutely love your work and you have inspired me to diy more. If I win I could make a little table and other items for my girl.

  51. Hi There! I love your DIY Yoga mat holder 🙂 I have a yoga mat everywhere at my office, in my car, under my bed, but none are on display in their own pretty home! I’d love to have this tools to enable me to create my own wine storage. I have a free Ryobi tool already and love the ease of use and quality.
    Thank you for the chance to win! From Kristina of Moscato is My Mantra blog

  52. I would use the ryobi powertools to help build a room for my baby boy who is due in just over a month. Creating a safe and quiet place for him to rest his head and grow up in. 🙂

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