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DIY Board And Batten Accent Wall

board and batten accent wall in bedroom

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m currently making over my parents’ bedroom! They have been working super hard over the past few years making their house feel like a home, but haven’t tackled their bedroom yet. So, this year for Father’s Day & Mother’s Day I gifted my parents their very own bedroom makeover! Now, I’ll be tackling all of the details on this bedroom makeover in a separate reveal post, but for now I want to spend some time focusing on the major centerpiece of this project – the DIY board And batten accent wall!

How To Make A DIY Board And Batten Wall

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So, I’ll be covering all of the gritty details about style, design, and the full bedroom transformation in a separate post, but this DIY board And batten accent wall (or, the “wall with the squares”, as my mom call is) was a project-and-a-half and is more than deserving of it’s own post, so here we go!

P.S. Here is the before!

bedroom makeover

What I Used:

Miter Saw
Jig Saw
Brad Nailer
Caulking Gun
Paint Sprayer (Optional)
Angle Finder
Tape Measure

1 x 4 x 8′ – 10′ Primed Boards*
White Caulking
BEHR Paint (Storm Grey)
Drop Cloths
Painter’s Tape
1 ¼” Brad Nails

* Board feet will be different for each project – make sure to measure your particular project before building!

The Steps:

1. First step was to layout my design. This can be done in SketchUp, or with basic math, or with painter’s tape! We pulled a lot of inspiration from the how-to and design section on The Home Depot App for this one!

planning an accent wall

2. Next, I cut and attached my boards with brad nails. I started with the outer boarder pieces and then moved to the verticals. To help find the angles I needed for my vaulted ceilings I used an angle finder (you can see this in action in my YouTube video).

attaching boards to wall with nails

3. Once the vertical pieces were attached, I cut and attached the horizontal pieces. I used spacer blocks here from leftover lumber to make sure that everything was even!

attaching vertical boards to wall

making a board and batten wall

4. Next, I sealed all of the edges of my boards with caulking. I also made sure to fill in the nail holes as well!

how to caulk an accent wall

5. After letting everything dry, I taped off my walls and sprayed the accent wall with my paint. Luckily, The Home Depot App was able to tell me exactly how much paint I needed for this wall!

using a spray gun on interior wall

6. Shortly after painting, I removed the coverings… and that was it!

Here’s what it looked like before…

bedroom makeover

… and here’s what it looks like now!

board and batten accent wall in bedroom


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In the meantime, I hope you’ll stop by soon for the full bedroom reveal!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Angela Palladino

    Hi there.

    The wall looks stunning. Also love the paint colour…Can you tell me what paint colour you used?

  • Eve

    What paint sprayer did you use and would you recommend?

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